Messages 2018

Antichrist rewrites Canon Law

9th April, 2018

My child, write. The Antichrist writes the books of the canon law and passes it to feed on My children in the seminary. My young priests are being poisoned as we speak.

They are studying new laws on My Eucharist. They are telling them it no longer gives life to the soul, but that it represents a communion of My love. This is what the Schismatic Church will be.

They will tear apart My Church and abolish the sacraments. My child, they will remove all the Sacraments and there will be none left. They will remove Confession, Holy Matrimony and Baptism and anyone will be allowed to enter the Church, and this will be the spirit of the Antichrist that will invade My Church. I will loose millions when this happens.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

19th April, 2018

My child write. My sheep are in danger, the wolves are scattering them. These wolves are My Sacred priests who have abandoned their vows for worldy cares. They have become too secular and no longer attend to My affairs. While asleep the devil has entered My Church and now he rules from the highest seat. Had My priests been awake and vigilant in prayer this would never have happened. The world thinks that My priests are with Me when they die. Only a few make it for I judge them harshly. They are judged based on how they tend to My flock. My flock are scattered and fall into hell and are not led to My pasture. These, My children, find new pasture to graze which do not nourish them. It is the pasture of the false faith, the Protestant religion which grows speedily.

This is the faith My children embrace and think of it as innovation. This is a false faith created by the devil. There is no life here only death and destruction. My lambs are not fed on My Body. These, My children, have no life in them and walk with dead bodies. They think they are alive but they are dead inside. For My Scriptures say unless you eat My Body and drink My Blood you will have no life in you. You must stay away from all falsehoods propagated in this faith. If you see such occurings in My House you are to flee. It means the devil is present. You must abandon the Churches that tend to be Charismatic . You must find a more traditional Church. If you don’t you will not find Me. You’ll find the devil. You’ll adopt his proud ways and think you are with Me. You would be deceived and you would find yourselves lost when you come to meet Me. You will not understand the sins I show you, and you will not repent. This will be because you became proud while alive. Only the humble can repent of their sins. Only he can enter My Kingdom. Do not be deceived and think you are without sin. All have sinned and fallen short of My glory.

People die with the stain of sin on their souls which must be purged in Purgatory. This too is another doctrine that has been hidden from you. It is written in My Scriptures but you have changed My Words, thus you can no longer find it. You have twisted the truth of My Words. It says “you shall burn though alive and yet you are dead.” This has been removed from My Holy Scriptures. My Word was interfered with so you will not know it is the truth. You must get the early versions of My Scriptures, before the fifteenth century which exhorts man to live after My Sacred Heart.

You must be wise and discern the truth of life while you are still alive. The truth has been hidden but there are still some elements propagated on earth. You must read the lives of the saints which captures the truth of My Word. These men and women follow the true doctrine of My Word as spoken by Me. It is these whom you should aspire to be for in their lives, they sought the truth and found it. I ask you My children to read what is contained in their writings. This is how I have helped humanity by asking My saints to write. You must not reject their writings as old fashioned, thinking you live in a modern world. You must not discard what is good to embrace innovation. This is the mistake you make that leads you into the devil’s arms. He waits for you children and daily he tempts you away from Me. He has been successful as you do not wish to discern the truth of My Word as written by Me. You rather live easy lives where you do not pray. You do no penance but yet you wish to escape Purgatory. You have been deceived into believing it is easy to be with Me. To enter My Kingdom you must accept your sufferings. You must not run from My hand of mercy when I give it to you. You wish to be free from woes all the time. This will not be until My enemy is locked for one thousand years. Only then will this world live in peace. The other time is when you pray My rosary. The devil flees when you call her name, the name of Mary. He cannot stand to hear her name out loud. When you find yourselves in grave danger this is the name My children must use. Instead you call on Me only. You must call us both for we are united in love. We never leave each other’s side. And we are united in the fight against the enemy. This you do not know is what we do for you. You must not reject My Mother and think she is an option. Most of you think it is a personal choice to use My Mother or not. You so not believe that you have no choice in the matter. All My creatures must implore her name to gain salvation. For she is the Ark of the Covenant. She is the co-redeemer of the world. I only save the souls she brings to Me. Thus the importance of her name has been removed from earth. My enemy has succeeded in doing this. He will succeed in doing further damage to My Church.

My priests are responsible for this. In their lack of zeal for My affairs they do not speak the truth from the pulpits. My flock is not nourished about the truth of My kingdom. This you do not know that you are lost and are on the road to perdition. All must pray the rosary as those who do not are lost.

The devil’s church (Protestant) does not ask his children to pray the rosary. They have abandoned My Mother and call her evil. The devil’s church (Protestant) do not receive My Holy Eucharist. The devil’s church does not receive Confession. The devil’s church does not receive new babies through the Sacrament of Baptism. This is what the devil has done to mock Me.

He has not stopped. He will now do the same to the ONE TRUE HOLY CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH. The Sacraments mentioned above will be removed from My Church. My Mother will be buried in the sand. My Eucharist will no longer exist. You must be wise My children and discern when this happens. This will be the schism that will enter the Church and take millions to hell. Millions of Catholics will follow the Antichrist into perdition. Many will eat the food of Satan. When you eat the bread given to you in this false faith it will poison your souls. You will never recover and you will never find Me again. You will partake in satanic rituals while you still believe you pray to Me. You will not understand the difference and you will be compelled to do all the things to attract sin to you.

This is how you will live away from My Heart. You will have no peace as you will be possessed by him. This new Church will be worse then the Protestant. You will all be on the road to perdition for neither of you will follow Me.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

20th April, 2018.

My child, the whole world has rejected Me, not one has come to My aid. I live alone, I am not loved by My children who I created. I should be the center of their lives, they were to adore Me and thank Me for what I have done to save them. Instead, I am rejected and abandoned. No one remembers what I suffered, they do not think of Me in any way. They only think of Me when I must help them. I must use My Blood to deliver them from their troubles so they could continue to forget about Me after I have set them free. My creatures have devised means to use My Name at their convenience to ensure their health and well-being. This is not love and yet they claim to love Me. They always say “I love My Jesus who has set me free.” These are the ones I turn away from, those who speak of Me in this manner. I am only useful in time of need. My children despise Me and call it love. This is what you have been taught and thus so you treat Me. My Heart bleeds tears of blood for the love of My children who will not give it to Me. I wait longingly for your call and I do not hear it, you must love Me little one for I am in need. You must bring Me flowers. This is the beat of your heart with love for Me.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

20th April, 2018.

My child, write the vision I showed you. You saw Me as they beat the crown of thorns on My head. They beat the crown with sticks that they used to ensure it remained on My head. My eyes burned when the blood ran into them. No one wiped the blood from My eyes which became closed shut because of this torture. And this is how they mocked Me because I said I was the Son of God. They did not believe Me, child. They thought I was a blasphemer. They called Me a mad man. It is not written in My Holy Scriptures the extent of the abuse I received during My Passion, it has remained hidden. It cannot be described as it is the worst torture any man has endured. A normal person would have died from the scourging alone but I was not only a man I was true god and true man. I am divine and so is My Body. I was made to suffer for the human race but now you My children discard Me and use Me.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

20th April, 2018.

My child, write. I showed you a vision of My Mother’s tears. It is tears of blood. She cries for the sins of the world. She cries for her children who despise Me. She will defeat the enemy.

In a vision I showed you a picture of the world infested by snakes. My Mother approaches from above and crushes the snakes with her feet. She has been given the authority by My Father to crush the head the serpent and defeat the enemy. You, My children must not despise her for she is your salvation.

Her tears of blood are like roses you bring to Me to take My pain away that you have caused Me by your sins. You must use her tears for when I see them My Heart grants her desires. She cries for your sins as she fears she will loose you. When I see her tears I assure her that her children will not be lost. You give Me many roses to smell to distract from My pain when you do this.

I exhort My children to bring as many roses to Me through My Mother’s tears. Each rose I receive is a soul that is saved. I have shown you My love a bed of roses laid out in My Kingdom. These are the souls you saved when you implored My Mother’s tears. You must share this message with the world. This is how you are to save the worst of sinners. Say many rosaries imploring My Mother’s tears. I cannot refuse the despair I see in her heart when she weeps for her children. I wish to relieve her of her pain immediately. She has loved Me like no other on earth and she does not deserve to weep. It is her beauty I cannot resist. Her purity and her love which does not deserve to be riddled with sadness. It is she whom My Heart desires and cannot refuse. Bring many souls to Me today child with her tears. Never withhold her tears from Me for it wins the salvation of souls.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

20th April, 2018.

My child, write. You must adore My Blood to win souls for Me and to comfort Me. He purchases the salvation of souls. He is alive, My Precious Blood. You must call on Him like you call on any one of the Holy Trinity. He will fight My enemy.

My enemy is repelled by Him and cannot live in His presence. He flees when he sees My Blood.

You must adore Him and use Him often to win souls for Me.

My children when using My Blood in the fight against the enemy you must not ask the Blood to cover you. Rather, you must ask Him who is alive, My Precious Blood, to penetrate your bodies, minds and souls. He is a powerful fighter against evil spirits. The evil spirits scatter when He (the Precious Blood) arrives. If you call on Him to penetrate you, He will soak into your entire beings and infiltrate your inner bodies. Any evil residence will leave. This is how you are to pray in the end of times.

My child, write the prayer I taught you to fight the evil of the end of times.

“We adore You, we adore You, we adore You, Oh most Precious Blood.

Oh Most Precious Blood, You are a very powerful fighter against the evil spirits.

Penetrate my body, mind and soul to scatter the infernal spirits like the four winds.”

Teach this prayer My child to the world. My children must use it in the fight against the enemy.

Message from the Blood of the Lamb

21st April, 2018.

My child, write. I am the Blood of the Lamb, the Most Precious Blood. I am alive and part of the Holy Trinity. Jesus is My Father but I am not His Son. It is a difficult doctrine to accept but this has been hidden from the children of the earth. The time has come now to reveal the truth as mankind is about to enter the tribulation. Men must call on Me and adore Me to exorcise evil. I am alive, My child, as you can see.

In a vision I showed you how I am. I appear as a liquid in the shape of a man when I am not used. When My children call on Me I melt into liquid and flow. If you ask Me to penetrate you, then I will flow into you. If you ask Me to cover you, I form a barricade around you.

My Father your Jesus has asked Me to now penetrate mankind as their souls are infested with snakes. These are the evil spirits that reside within man that causes them to sin. It hurts them and draws them away from the Sacred Heart of My Father, your Jesus.

This doctrine has been hidden from the men of the earth because they have sinned against My Father, your Jesus. He has not allowed the truth to be revealed until now because mankind was ungrateful to His infinite sacrifice. He has now asked for the truth to be revealed as he desires to help his Mother. She who is your queen weeps tears of blood for your sins. He feels sorry for her and wishes to help her thus the time has come for the truth to be revealed. My children must adore Me and pray to Me and love Me. You must pity Me for the work I have to do in bringing peace to the world and the salvation of mankind.

I have a difficult job My little one. It is I who fight the evil in the world.

These evil spirits were once angels praising my Father your Jesus in Heaven. However, when shown the future plan of the world, they rebelled. They could not accept that your Jesus would be king and your Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary would be queen of the human race, which is a lesser being.

They could not bow to a woman born of the human race nor could they accept that Jesus was to be Man’s King and all would worship Him, both in Heaven and on earth. They were jealous, My child, and they abhorred My Father. Lucifer was their leader in the rebellion. He was second in command in Heaven. The highest in command was My Father your Jesus. Your Jesus was the most beautiful and all adored Him except the archangel Lucifer. Lucifer was the second most beautiful and was jealous of the King (My Father your Jesus).

The rebellion brought forth a terrible war and he and his legion of angels were expelled from Heaven. But they have remained with their power. They are terrible My little one and have great power to do evil and to bring forth the destruction of man who is weak.

My child, when called to, I battle the evil of these spirits that were once angels and are laden with great power. They are fierce but I always win. It’s a hard work as that is My job and its My responsibility. You must love Me with true love. You must not use Me as you use My Father your Jesus, you must love Me and tell Me so. When you do My power is increased ten-fold to fight more evil. This is what Satan does not want the world to know and he tormented you to prevent you from writing this message.

It is a message which must be revealed to the world, that I, the Blood of the Lamb am alive and that if you love Me and adore Me before calling for my help, My power is increased ten times and Satan and his horde of evil legions are defeated faster. You must bring this message to the world. Ask for My protection in doing this. Adore Me My child, with love to carry this message to the world so I’ll protect you in doing so.

My peace I give to you.

Blood of the Lamb.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

21st April, 2018.

My child, write. Tell the world to adore My Precious Blood, He is alive. When you adore him His power is increased ten times. You must take this message to the world. Your world is on the decline and My children must protect themselves from the spirit of the Antichrist that invades My Church. Do not withhold this from My children.

My children, the Precious Blood is alive when you adore Him.

His power is increased TEN FOLD!

Carry this message to the world.

My peace I give to you.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

21st April, 2018.

Write, my child. You must call on the Father, the Eternal Father through the Our Father prayer before you call on My warrior St. Michael. The world must now do this. It is My Father who gives him permission to help you. By My Father’s authority, he fights the evil around you. If you don’t you may not always get his assistance. This was practiced in the early years but Satan has erased this knowledge from humanity.

When you call St. Michael you are to use this chant before you pray the St. Michael prayer:

Chant: “Who is like God, No one is like God!

Who is like God, No one is like God!

Who is like God, no one is like God!”

This is the Battle Cry.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.