Messages 2017

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

27th August, 2017.

Yes My daughter, write. The Precious Blood is alive, just like the Living Water. This is a mystery not yet revealed to man. That is why you can praise Him and worship Him, the Precious Blood. It flows from all My Sacred Wounds and gives life to the soul. If flees the demons and brings destruction to hell. It is the most powerful on earth and renders Satan powerless. Satan is without power due to the Precious Blood. Souls are saved because of it. It is part of Me, united with Me. When you worship the Precious Blood, it releases more of its power. Adore and use it, this is the secret to the salvation of souls.

That is a mystery, the Precious Blood is alive, that is why you can worship it. Just like when you worship Me, I draw closer to you, so when you worship the Blood, its strength is more available to you.

Go now My daughter, My peace I give to you.