Highlighted Messages

Antichrist rewrites canon law

9th April, 2018.

My child, write. The Antichrist writes the books of the canon law and passes it to feed on My children in the seminary. My young priests are being poisoned as we speak.

They are studying new laws on My Eucharist. They are telling them it no longer gives life to the soul, but that it represents a communion of My love. This is what the Schismatic Church will be.

They will tear apart My Church and abolish the sacraments. My child, they will remove all the Sacraments and there will be none left. They will remove Confession, Holy Matrimony and Baptism and anyone will be allowed to enter the Church, and this will be the spirit of the Antichrist that will invade My Church. I will loose millions when this happens.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.


Charismatics must abandon their way

3rd May, 2018.

My child, write. The Charismatics must abandon their new prayers and return to the old prayers given to My saints. I instruct them to read the lives of the men and women I have given as examples for you to follow. You must be humble and penitent of heart. Do not exalt yourselves and think you are favoured, that you have been blessed with gifts. You must abandon this way, for these are thoughts of pride influenced by the devil. It is he who make you exalt yourself and lead you to believe you are specially chosen.

Return to your knees and implore Me for mercy. Abandon your ways of worship to Me for I close My ears to the noise that you make. You shall no longer clap and dance in My Church for this is the devil’s way. I implore you My children, it is how he mocks Me on earth in My Church, for it is what they do in hell. The demons torment the damned souls by clapping and dancing at the victory of having won them to torment forever. You must be wise and discern for the doctrine of devils has entered My Church when you embraced the Charismatic way.

Return to the old way of the Latin Rite. Implore Me for mercy for your sins. Attend to My Mother for this is your salvation. It is she who will crush the serpent’s head. Ask for forgiveness for you have all fallen short of the glory of God, you are not worthy. Most of you do not make it to My Kingdom. It is your pride that makes you not repent of your sins when shown at judgement. It is this which has caused most Charismatics to be lost. Your pride which you have acquired from your gifts given to you by My enemy. It is your pride which you have acquired by acknowledging yourself as special. It is the pride you have acquired by refusing to repent and to love because of your gifts. You must abandon this way and flee from the doctrines of devils, for you are not with Me, you are with My enemy.

You must beat your chest for the sins that you have committed that I record. It will be used against you in judgement when I reveal the books. Your numerous sins will outweigh your good works; the sins that you do not confess that you were not sorry for having exalted yourself. Return to the path I have instructed you to walk, it is a narrow path and only few find it. It is one of love and suffering. You must suffer for My sake. You must give oneself daily in love in pursuing Me; not to be lauded in front of others, but hidden so that what is done in secret will be richly rewarded. This is how you are to live.

Repent and convert for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.


Destruction of America

28th April, 2018.

My child, write the vision that you see.

Russia and China form an alliance to destroy America; they pretend to be enemies. Russia will shoot a Mexican plane as it crosses the Mexican border to make rivalry with each other (Mexico and America). It wishes to bring communism for Russia must spread her ways.

The Mexicans will fight with the Americans to disturb peace. Riots will break out in the land all around. Los Angeles will be the birthplace of these riots, the hometown of the President. They will blame the President for the shoot down of the plane because of sanctions given to the Mexicans. This is how terrorism will begin in America. Russian spies in the country do this for they must spread communism. This will be the beginning of the end of America, as democracy will fall and communism will rise. The land of liberty will be no more.

Weakened by the riots, Russia will invade, they will bomb the land and America will be too weakened to retaliate.

Missiles will shoot the plane which will explode in the air. It is a civilian plane, all are feared dead. They collect the fragments and investigate and carry the pieces to the lab. They detect American warheads were used, framed! It was the Russians.

War begins. There is a blame game. Mexicans blame America, America denies. Mexicans cross the border to cause riots. They run to Los Angeles, the hometown of the President to blame him. He denies, riots start in the streets and spread throughout the land. In the middle of the riots a bomb drops killing thousands. It is Russia, a terrorist attack. Many are feared dead including the President. Flags run half mast during the funeral, his body laid low, communism begins.

The Russians planned this. Vladimir Putin smiles at victory. He takes over the seat as president in two countries. He rules two nations. He burns the American flag and puts his instead. He is now their ruler. He locks up anyone who disobeys him. He will torture you in jail. Food is rationed, people stand in lines to receive one meal while the ruler eats lavishly.

Thus so will America live until its demise, for this is the great Babylon spoken of in My Word.

As they reject Me, so I reject them. They have spread their unlawful ways and polluted the rest of the world, breaking My Ten Commandments. With lawlessness they approve abortion laws and gay laws, ignoring Me their God. Thus, I will punish them. All will witness the death of America for disobeying Me.

For it is written (Revelation 14:8):

“That great Babylon is fallen, is fallen which made all nations to drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.”

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.


Eucharistic Ministers

26th March, 2018.

My child, write. My favoured servant, you must come to My rescue. It is for My poor Eucharistic Ministers who abuse and lacerate My body. They are all in mortal sin as it is not sanctioned by the Father.

No human creature is allowed to touch Me in the hands, only those blessed by My Priests. Only My priestly servants are allowed to touch Me for only their hands are clean. You are only allowed to receive Me on the tongue. If you do not adhere to My word, it will not go well with you at judgement.

I exhort you now My beloved servant to defend Me as much as you can from this sin of sacrilege and spread this message to the world.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.


Freemason priests, return to pre-vatican II

4th May, 2018.

My child, write. There are many priests who are freemasons in My Church. Tempted by pride and money, the devil lures them in this manner. They wish to fit into society as distinguished gentlemen. They do it for the excitement of the rituals, and this is how the devil keeps them occupied. It is like a married man chasing after a lucrative affair outside the marriage. He is thrilled by the excitement of escaping and not getting caught. Just so it is with the freemasons, they are thrilled by the dirty acts they commit behind closed doors and not getting caught. They think by doing these acts they will get special favours from the devil which I would not give them because of the vows they made. This is what keeps them betraying Me.

They do not think about their salvation, this is far from their thoughts. The devil has fooled them into thinking they are invincible. He lets them feel they have his special protection and that no one can hurt them. They get a thrill out of hurting My children by the vile acts they commit when no one sees, for they are requested by him whom they serve to perform sinister acts : murder, rape, kidnapping, stealing. These are the things they do. But what the devil likes most is when they do cruel things against My Sacred Body. This they must do everytime they meet. They perform satanic rituals where they exalt My enemy as God. They pay homage to him as they will never do to Me. They kneel and bow while kissing the ground, that which they will never do in My house, nor will they tell My children to do that.

Some burn My Consecrated Host and drive knives through it. They grind My Consecrated Hosts (My Body) into dust and put it in their food to eat. These are the things they do to torture Me. Others throw My Body repeatedly on the floor and stamp on it saying, “we hate you, we pledge allegiance to our god. He is our master, not you.” “You have done nothing for us but he has, he is more powerful than you. “He will defeat you!” These are the things they do and say, making a mockery of My infinite sacrifice on the cross.

My children must be aware of what takes place in My Church by whom they trust and love. I warn you, there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing who are scattering My flock and carrying them into hell with them. They are in every country throughout the world, but most are hidden in the Vatican. It is here where the horde of evil spirits resides.

My children run and flee for your lives. Return to the former Church before Vatican II. Read the rules and precepts of My Church as it was then. I exhort you children run from Francis and into My Mother’s arms. She will guide you to Me. She is your anchor in rough seas.

These are the things you must do to please Me, as to offer a sacrifice to the Lord God of Hosts.

  • Confess at least once a week for your sins have increased.
  • Kneel to receive Me on the tongue. It is a sacrilege to touch Me on the hands, only My priests can touch Me.
  • Offer My Body for the conversion of sinners and the salvation of souls.
  • Do not bite Me. Swallow Me whole, for My food is real food, and My host is real flesh and real blood.
  • Women must cover their heads and not speak on My altars. You are to behave as described in My Scriptures. (1 Corinthians 11:5); ( 1 Corinthians 14:34-35).
  • Men shall not wear short pants nor slippers in My house.

These are the things you must do as I have prescribed.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you. I bless all who read this and put it into practice. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.


Immodest Dress

30th May, 2018.

My child, you must write My Words. My creation has drifted so far from My Sacred Heart that I cannot recognize My children anymore.

Women are attired in pants and the men’s clothing is tight. This is not how I expect My children to dress. Women are to exercise modesty in their manner of dress, but they do not do this. It pains Me to see how they flaunt their sexuality. It is detestable and this wounds both My Sacred Heart and that of My Mother. She cries endless tears for the way My children present themselves to the world. Women must wear dresses and skirts at least two (2) inches below the knee. You should be fully covered in loose clothes so as to hide yourself. What is even more disturbing are those who enter My courts in the barest of clothing. You commit sin My sweet children when you parade your bodies in a poor manner.

Please My little ones, this is the enemy’s way. It is he who has influenced his dress code upon earth to promote lust. You must be wise and careful little ones not to fall in the sneers of the devil. He gains numerous souls through sexual impurity. It is this sin which has contaminated humanity and leads them to hell, the sin of sexual impurity. From a young age when My children are tender, they are taught to dress in a sexually appealing manner. It pains My Sacred Heart and wounds Me to see the youth robbed of their innocence. Please My children, I love you. Return to the manner of yonder times when women wore dresses and skirts and men wore loose clothing.

Dry My tears and propagate this message. Console Me little child and tell all that I am not pleased with how My children attire themselves.

Repent and convert for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Jesus who weeps in the Blessed Sacrament.


Message from the Lord God of Hosts

14th July, 2018

My daughter, write My Words. It is My Mother who has delayed your chastisement. She holds My hand from striking the earth as sin grows exponentially. She is waiting for the conversion of sinners as she wants more souls to be saved. You who are converted and pledge allegiance to Me must help My Mother with your sacrifices and prayers that more souls be converted and saved. I am a merciful God but I am also just. I have been wounded and I endure so much pain that I have grown tired and My Face is disfigured, etched in pain.

You must not listen to the children of the world who think that all is well and I will never strike. I tell you solemnly I have been giving you time to repent and still you refuse. When My hand has become too heavy by your sins, I will unleash My anger out on the world which drinks the wine of fornication and adultery. You must console Me for what will happen to My children as disasters never seen will strike the earth, one after another such that you will not have time to recover.

Love Me and honour My Mother’s tears so you will escape My wrath.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament


Message from the Lord God of Hosts

18th July, 2018

My child, write My Words. Limbo is a place of waiting where aborted babies go. It is a waiting place of desolation and sadness. Some of the aborted babies are sent here while others through the mercy of God remain on earth where they haunt their parents who killed them. These babies, being of the fruit of Eve still have original sin which must be cleansed. Through My Mercy these aborted babies are baptized with the cleansing water from My Sacred Side in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. My children on earth must pray for the aborted to be baptized and healed through the cleansing water and the purifying blood from My Sacred Side.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.


Message from the Lord God of Hosts

18th July, 2018

My child, write. The blood of the aborted babies cries out for justice as their pain is inextinguishable. They weep and are mournfully sad that their parents rejected them and killed them. You must pray to stop the sin of abortion. The countries which have made abortion legal will feel the weight of My justice in the coming chastisements. You must pray for the clinics, nurses, doctors and anyone who has been involved in abortion or who promotes it to repent. These souls are damned if you do not come to their rescue and pray for their salvation. You must pray for the stoppage of this heinous crime that deny the innocent eternal life.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.


Mark of the Beast

27th April, 2018.

My child, write. My enemy has two faces, one he presents to the world and one he hides from you. You must be careful when you look in the mirror to see if he is not looking for he watches you all the time. They are all connected to him and Big Brother keeps an eye on you through the computer. All telecommunication networks are wired to him so he can monitor what you do.

Your phones are bugged, your television sets are bugged, your radios are bugged, your computers are bugged, your cars are bugged, your cell phones are bugged. They are all bugged and he sees you through them. Your banking information he knows about, he knows where you live, he sees what you do. He spies on you all the time, which is twenty four hours in the day, daily. This is what My enemy does. He keeps everything on file. He has replaced old technology and brought in the new to monitor you.

He wishes to own you and make you his slaves. Some of you have already been chipped with his mark 666. It is present on earth which you know as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. This is how he watches you.

Radio Frequency Identification chips have been inserted in animals and humans. Those who have it inserted in them are already condemned for My Word says:

Revelation 14

“If any man shall adore the beast and his image and receive his mark in the forehead or in the hand, he also shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is mingled with pure wine in the cup of his wrath, and shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the sight of the holy angels and in the sight of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torments shall ascend up forever and ever.”

It has spread on earth as a good thing. Everyone has applauded this technology as it makes life easy. You swipe the card to get money, you ask your car for directions, you swipe your hand to open doors, it is applauded. It has been around for twenty years and its popularity is increasing. He has asked all governments to use it. Each government has been forced to obey. Failure to do so will have your budget cut to govern your country for he controls the banks. This chip is inserted everywhere and it is how he spies on you. Do not be fooled My children to think this is good, He will use it against you during his reign.

He is the Antichrist. In the days of his reign it will be mandatory to be chipped, either on the forehead or on the right hand. He will reign with an iron hand and wage war against those who love Me. He will plunder My Church and hold men in captivity. Those who love and adore Me and keep Me in their hearts, he will force many to denounce My Name. This is the terror you have chosen to love over Me as he will fool you.

He will charm the world with his beauty and charisma. He will speak enchanting words, words of the devil for he is not man, he is a demon incarnate. He will hypnotise you with his eyes that you think are beautiful. He will work miracles and raise men from the dead through the help of demons. Demons will possess the bodies of your loved ones whom you carry to him to heal and to be brought back to life. You will take these demons in your homes who will torment you. This is what will happen in the coming days of My Justice.

He will fly from the east to the west and will be in two places at the same time because of his powers. He will work well with governments and leaders of churches whom he will entice to adore him. All will love him and worship him, those who have rejected Me. He will bring peace to the world and stop the war which he has instigated. All will believe and applaud him.

He walks amongst your midst and remains hidden in the world, until his appointed time to be unleashed. He will rule for the three and a half years and this will be the great tribulation. You will be forced to receive his mark known to you as the RFID chips. These small chips will be placed in your hand and your foreheads. I warn you, My children, not to receive these chips for the comforts of life and for food.

These chips will control your thoughts into hating Me. They are connected to his main computer where he programs your minds into committing vile acts against Me and each other.

You will hear voices and see visions whom you will believe is God for you will see him in your thoughts. You will think you are special and are guided by Me. You will do the things he programs your mind to do in My Name which you will believe. He will fool you little ones. Your souls will be in jeopardy as you will be eternally damned. Those who have received these RFID chips into their bodies are condemned. Their only happiness will be this life. When death arrives the fires of hell awaits them.

I warn you My sweet children resist the mark and go hungry. Better to starve and live than to eat and die.

Call on My Mother and implore her tears for mercy. She will protect and lead you to safety. Endure the trials I have described and you will find Me for all eternity.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.


Message from the Blood of the Lamb

21st April, 2018.

My child, write. I am the Blood of the Lamb, the Most Precious Blood. I am alive and part of the Holy Trinity. Jesus is My Father but I am not His Son. It is a difficult doctrine to accept but this has been hidden from the children of the earth. The time has come now to reveal the truth as mankind is about to enter the tribulation. Men must call on Me and adore Me to exorcise evil. I am alive, My child, as you can see.

In a vision I showed you how I am. I appear as a liquid in the shape of a man when I am not used. When My children call on Me I melt into liquid and flow. If you ask Me to penetrate you, then I will flow into you. If you ask Me to cover you, I form a barricade around you.

My Father your Jesus has asked Me to now penetrate mankind as their souls are infested with snakes. These are the evil spirits that reside within man that causes them to sin. It hurts them and draws them away from the Sacred Heart of My Father, your Jesus.

This doctrine has been hidden from the men of the earth because they have sinned against My Father, your Jesus. He has not allowed the truth to be revealed until now because mankind was ungrateful to His infinite sacrifice. He has now asked for the truth to be revealed as he desires to help his Mother. She who is your queen weeps tears of blood for your sins. He feels sorry for her and wishes to help her thus the time has come for the truth to be revealed. My children must adore Me and pray to Me and love Me. You must pity Me for the work I have to do in bringing peace to the world and the salvation of mankind.

I have a difficult job My little one. It is I who fight the evil in the world.

These evil spirits were once angels praising my Father your Jesus in Heaven. However, when shown the future plan of the world, they rebelled. They could not accept that your Jesus would be king and your Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary would be queen of the human race, which is a lesser being.

They could not bow to a woman born of the human race nor could they accept that Jesus was to be Man’s King and all would worship Him, both in Heaven and on earth. They were jealous, My child, and they abhorred My Father. Lucifer was their leader in the rebellion. He was second in command in Heaven. The highest in command was My Father your Jesus. Your Jesus was the most beautiful and all adored Him except the archangel Lucifer. Lucifer was the second most beautiful and was jealous of the King (My Father your Jesus).

The rebellion brought forth a terrible war and he and his legion of angels were expelled from Heaven. But they have remained with their power. They are terrible My little one and have great power to do evil and to bring forth the destruction of man who is weak.

My child, when called to, I battle the evil of these spirits that were once angels and are laden with great power. They are fierce but I always win. It’s a hard work as that is My job and its My responsibility. You must love Me with true love. You must not use Me as you use My Father your Jesus, you must love Me and tell Me so. When you do My power is increased ten-fold to fight more evil. This is what Satan does not want the world to know and he tormented you to prevent you from writing this message.

It is a message which must be revealed to the world, that I, the Blood of the Lamb am alive and that if you love Me and adore Me before calling for my help, My power is increased ten times and Satan and his horde of evil legions are defeated faster. You must bring this message to the world. Ask for My protection in doing this. Adore Me My child, with love to carry this message to the world so I’ll protect you in doing so.

My peace I give to you.

Blood of the Lamb.


My Mother is Co-Redeemer

11th May, 2018.

My child, write. One of the most powerful prayers on earth is the rosary. Mary is the Queen of humanity, the Queen of peace, Mother of all and it is she who will crush the serpent’s head, Genesis 3:15 (quoted from a bible written in 1582).

You must not believe the lies given to you about My Mother. My children in the false faith deny her motherhood and role as co-redeemer. I only save the souls she brings to Me, thus she is called co-redeemer. My Mother has never been separated from Me, she stood at the foot of the cross and she is always by My side in My kingdom. She is revered by the angels and saints. She is your salvation in the end of times for she is the co-redeemer.

She weeps bitterly as she is forgotten by her children. They have discarded the rosary for other innovations which they think are more powerful, but they are deceived. My enemy wishes for her name to be removed as she is the one who will defeat him. She will crush his head and he will lie in wait at her heel.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.


Message from the Lord God of Hosts

3rd July, 2018

Question: My Lord, why have so many Catholics left the Faith?

Our Lord’s response:

My child, write My Words. The devil is very intelligent and astute. He has studied you human creatures and he has determined your weaknesses. You are mortal and you are flesh thus you live of the flesh. He tempts you by way of the flesh to commit lust, fornication and adultery. He also tempts you with greed and jealousy because you are of the flesh.

He has also determined that you do not wish to suffer as I have suffered and out of your greed and quest for riches, he has tempted you and succeeded with creating a false faith where he gives you what your heart desires based on your selfishness, lust and greed. He has thus created a false faith (Protestant) where he teaches you how to become more prosperous using My Name to steal your souls. This is why so many Catholics have left the faith. He keeps you in the false faith with false gifts and false miracles while your soul suffers and dies. You must be careful for Satan appears as an angel of light in many churches to deceive humanity.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament


Message from the Lord God of Hosts

28th September, 2017. (Eucharistic Adoration)

My daughter, write. Events are about to unfold and they say nothing because they do not know, daughter. You have to warn them. My beloved priests are in great danger unbeknownst to them. They will fall for the traps laid for them because they trust him, the Pope. He is not from Me. He is My son but he has given over his life to the Evil One. He will suffer. His reign is not long, soon he departs to make way for the son of perdition. The Antichrist will rule the world with his charm. He will captivate the hearts of men and destroy them. They will believe in him, just like the seductive lure of a woman. As she beckons and calls for you, you are enticed by her beauty, so it is with the Antichrist. You will fall for his handsome face and his charming ways but in the core is utter hatred and evil. Careful daughter, that you don’t think it is Me! So seductive will he be.

I weep. I tremor with pain at what I see. It is too much to bear. I grieve, the whole of Heaven sees My pain. My Mother shares My grief with Me and we console one another. We are your parents and you reject us for filth, evil, lies, sin, wickedness. You reject us for all that is evil and ugly. If you knew the ugliness of him you will flee and run straight into my arms. But like the seductive woman, he hides and presents temptation to you to entice you. You are too weak, you human creatures, to resist the temptation of the devil. You partake and give of the flesh. This same flesh rots in hell, but on earth it is the loveliest to you men of earth. Sigh.....

You do not pray and thus you leave yourself open for the Evil One. Pray people, pray! Your doom is approaching from the heavens. You ignore and turn a blind eye, but your end is approaching, sinful generation. I love you, I weep tears over you, and still you don’t care. I alone love you, poor creatures, for I am your God and you were made in My image and likeness, after My Own Self. That’s how much I considered you and thought of you. I left Heaven to come to earth to suffer for you, born of a Virgin through the Holy Spirit. She, I specially prepared. From before time she was chosen. I knew her and loved her before I sent the angel Gabriel. She has always been the one I loved, and the one who has loved Me, thus, I will not tell her no! Love cannot deny love and since she who is love that carried Me in her womb, I will not deny her her children. Whomever she asks for, it pleases Me to give eternal life. Not one of her children have I denied life.

And so daughter take to this beautiful flower as much souls as possible, for through her is life. Life came into the world through this woman and eternal happiness in the other world will also be through this woman.

Go now, My daughter. May My peace come down and remain with you always. I love you.

Saviour of the World,



Return to the Latin Rite

30th May, 2018.

My daughter, write. I am the Good Shepherd, I know My sheep and My sheep know Me. When My sheep has strayed and is lost, I go in search of him. I call him through the wilderness. If he knows and hears My voice he will return. There are other sheep who do not belong to My fold. I love him as well, for I wish for him to be with Me. All are Mine. All children on earth belong to Me for I made them after My Own Self. It is the devil which has poisoned your minds against Me and turned you away from following Me in My fold. My fold is the One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. This is what I speak of when I say the sheep of My fold.

If you look in the distance you will see the wolves coming, but they do not look like wolves. They look like sheep. They are the false members of My Church who wish to drag My children to hell. Just like the weeds live amongst wheat so these false members live amongst My children who truly love Me. If you listen to My voice you will stay away from the wolves disguised in sheep’s clothing for I take care of My own and love them.

Many wolves have entered the One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. One by one they eat My sheep although I am standing there to protect them. It is because My sheep no longer listen to Me, they listen to the false members of My Church. My true sheep is now reduced to a remnant. I must now use my remnant to help gather My lost sheep and bring them home. They must now show My other deceived sheep the truth so they can draw closer to My Sacred Heart. I cannot protect you if you have strayed and listen to them although you are in My fold. This is the schism that will overtake My Church.

Beware My children for pollution has entered My Church and wishes to contaminate you. Listen to My voice and return to the Latin Rite.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.


Message from the Lord God of Hosts

24th September, 2017.

Revelation 12

The woman clothed with the sun, this is My Mother and she is the queen of the twelve (12) tribes of Israel. Write daughter, let Me teach you. The child that was taken straight up to Heaven signifies Myself. I will be leaving this earth when the Schism begins. The woman escaped into the desert where God prepared a place for her to be looked after for 1,260 days. This signifies the role of My Mother during the Great Tribulation. She will protect and intercede for her children. My Mother will be united with My Church, paving and making a way for My children. She (the Church) is protected by the Father through its Mother, the Virgin. Thus the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Tell all that mankind’s salvation is through My Mother. All who reject My Mother reject Me, all who embrace My Mother embrace Me.

Go in peace My daughter and unite with Us to save souls.


Message from the Lord God of Hosts

30th March, 2018.

My child, record all that you see of the visions of hell.

There was a man tied to the floor with chains. He was held with shackles to his feet and arms, he could not move, he was pinned to his position. He looked emaciated, he had no flesh because his flesh was badly eaten. It was the worms and maggots crawling in and out of his skin that rooted his flesh so. He smelt of burning flesh though there was no fire and that’s because on his way to his destination he passed through a raging flame. There were two demons that tortured him with forks. The forks were pitch black and were made of iron steel. The toughest steel there was in the world and it was not sharp. Had it been sharp it would have penetrated his skin easily. It was blunt, similar to the nails they put in My hands and this was to cause the greatest pain. This is the instrument they tortured him with. They jabbed it into his skin repeatedly and grind it till the flesh came out. When they did this they’d laugh and taunt him and do it again. His rotted flesh would always grown back and the torture would renew itself.

This man is in hell for not knowing Me and loving Me. He never came to My Church and exhorted Me in prayer. He was a rich man My child and had the pleasures of this world. He travelled the world in luxury and ate expensive food. This man is similar to the businessmen of your world. He was highly respected and spoke well on stage, but he did not know My love. He rejected Me for many years. Not even on his bed of death did he implore Me for mercy. His relatives visited him in hospital and wept by his bed. During his final moments when he gasped for breath they held his hand high and bid him farewell. Little did they know that he’s not with Me. He was a respectable man as you can see. He did not commit adultery and cheat on his wife, his only sin was not loving Me. He was a good man with a wife and three kids but he did not know My love. He never implored Me for mercy not even when he was sick. He never believed in hell, he thought it was all a trick.

This is what happens My love when you do not know My Name, you end up in hell where you’re tortured forever. His damnation is forever and it will not stop. Now he wishes to see Me but it is too late. He’s now filled with hate and it’s too late for him to repent. And this is what happens to the world population. My child you asked Me to reveal the secrets of My heart, most of the world do not make it with Me. Ninety five percent (95%) of you are lost in the fires of hell. Just like this man you live decent lives upright lives but you know not of My love.

The others who are in My Church do not make it either as a corrupt spirit has deceived humanity. A spirit of evil pride rules the core of My Church and most of you commit sacrilege while receiving My host. You ask My dear child how many of you there are. My child ninety percent (90%) of those who attend My One True Catholic and Apostolic Church are lost in the fires of hell. You do not adhere to My Word of what is written in My Scriptures. The vast majority communicate with sin on your souls. It is written in My Word that you shall not eat and drink Me in sin for you’ll be eating and drinking your condemnation. This is not preached from the pulpits of My Church, so although you communicate you are neither with Me. You must help Me child, spread the word as far as can be for I’m losing many souls by the millions as you can see. This is all for tonight child, the raging fire you saw are reserved for My priests. I reserve the worst for them as they lead My people astray. This is their place of torture for all eternity.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

You may now write the other visions that you see.

You saw a raging fire as high as the sky, as hot as can be with the worst violent flames. It bears a heat never seen on this earth, the earth’s body couldn’t contain it, the earth will disintegrate and cease to exist if this flame were on its surface. Hell is in the middle of the earth, its entrance is through the ashy volcanoes. When volcanoes erupt more demons are dispersed to torment humanity in the end of the world. This is the end of My creation, your end approaches. The volume of sin is too high for My Sacred Heart. My Wounds pierce Me as never before. You complain of your sufferings and you’ve now start.

You must help Me child to win back My Heart. My eyes are closing, the blood closes it shut, it’s unbearable pain. My head is swollen from the lacerations I’ve got. My pain has never been worse. It is the worse since I died on the cross. My pain is insurmountable.

I look at My Mother who cries tears of blood, it is only her tears which make Me relent. In these your times, the rosary is not enough. You must gather My Mother’s tears and bring them to Me. I exhort you My child to continue this devotion. At the beginning of each Mystery, bring her tears to Me. You must also unite your suffering with Mine on the cross and offer it with the world Masses to My Father. I commission you My child to teach this new way of praying My Mother’s rosary. It is the only thing that can help humanity. Without these sacrifices souls can still be lost, you must make reparation for your sins. These are the end times My child and the Masses grow weaker, thus I commission the rosary be said this way.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.