Highlighted Messages

The New Hell

27th April, 2018.

My child, write the vision that you see.


There will be many sinkholes in the sea. The earth’s crust will begin to break apart. Ships will fall into sinkholes never to be seen again. This will occur in many places at the same time. Many ships will be lost and disappear forever caused by too many eruptions of volcanoes, which will spew out evil spirits from the depths of the earth which is hell. Molten lava and ashes will litter the earth causing death and destruction. Many villages will be ruined as the lava burns houses by crushing them with the force of its weight. Black smoke rises to replace clear air and suffocates those who are not burnt.


This is because of a comet that approaches causes the earth’s crust to break apart due to the heat. As the comet gets closer the heat gets stronger that causes the earth to disintegrate. The comet is bigger than the earth and it will run into you. The planet that approaches is twelve times bigger than earth. It approaches to destroy you. When you get hit you will cease to exist. No one will survive. When it hits you, you will explode and melt. You will look like a ball of fire. No one will live. This is the new hell.

My Blood was shed for you and you ignored Me. I was handcuffed and taken away like a criminal for you. I was placed in a cave and kept there for the night and I was cold. I had no food to eat and I could not see as it was dark. This I suffered for you and you have not loved Me. You must remember who I am to avoid this punishment set for you. The Antichrist will fool you into worshipping him over Me. You will fall for his tricks and he will dispose of you and shake the dust off his feet as he runs headlong into hell, taking you with him.

The new hell is hotter than the old, for all will be in flames for eternity. My Mother and I and My children will live in peace in My new Era of Peace for one thousand years. Pray to My Mother and give Me roses to smell through the rosary. I will save you. She is the Queen of humanity.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

2 Peter 3:12

While you wait for the Day of God to come, and try to hasten its coming: on that Day the sky will dissolve in flames and the elements melt in heat.


Message from the Lord God of Hosts

30th April, 2018

My child write the vision I showed you of the sufferings of the souls in hell.


Souls cry uncontrollably in despair and scream for the sins they committed which they remember they did that condemned them.

They regret committing these sins which haunt them daily. They live in bitterness, sadness and utter regret. They are filled with anguish that could never be extinguished.

They suffer hatred for God for having been condemned by Him. They blame God for not having rescued them sooner before death. They scream vile words of hatred, curses and blasphemies at God. They hurl these insults daily for they are filled with hatred and bitterness.

They suffer the loss of love. Love being absent, they live amongst the demons who torture them daily. They feel hatred which penetrates their souls. They are engulfed in these feelings of hatred and despair for eternity. They feel what the demons feel, a deep penetrating darkness that engulfs the soul. They live in regret for the vile sins they committed, a regret which will last forever, as it will be too late to repent.

I exhort you My children to return to Me and worship Me, the Lord thy God for the new hell that awaits you (at the end of the world) is hotter than the old hell. All will be consumed in flames. This hell is over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It will be too much for you to bear but you will bear it for all eternity.

Return to My Sacred Heart, return to My Mother for she is the Queen of humanity. Implore My mercy through her tears for in the coming days of My Justice I will not hear you. My wrath will be ignited and My vengeance will visit the earth. It is your sins which have caused this. You chose My enemy over Me and you have made him your god. My Mother will be your peace and salvation. I will hear her prayers.

During the hour of tribulation call on her, the Blessed Virign Mary and she will come to your aid. Hide yourself under her mantle and cover yourselves in her tears of blood. My hand will save. Those who endure the great persecution that is to come and do not deny Me will be numbered among the saints. You will join Me in My new Era of Peace. You will be free for one thousand years enjoying My company. But you must hold steadfast to the faith and suffer for Me, for as I was persecuted so will you be too.

I bless you My children in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.


3rd World War prophesied in Fatima

22nd April, 2018.

My child, write. Write the vision that you see of the Third World War prophesied in Fatima:

War will destroy three-quarters of humanity, desolation, smoke, hunger, pain, contamination of water, plagues. This is what awaits mankind.

The moon will be darkened and it will not give its light. Women will walk with their babies and roam the land without food, while planes will soar high dropping bombs on them. Children will be buried under rubble, some buried alive. There will be no birds, radiation destroys them. Smoke will rise from the ground and keep you company. UFOs will torment you from the sky, beings you have never seen before. The rivers will turn blood red. Volcanoes will erupt and spew ash on the land. There will be no more buildings, it will be reduced to rubble and ash. There will be no more transportation to take you where you want to go. You will walk hungry and laden with sores to find food, but you will find none. Marine life will be terminated with remains washed ashore.

They will shoot civilians from the sky and aim directly at them. Soldiers will drag women and babies to batter and abuse them. Water is poisoned with radiation and sores break out on the skin, plagues. Polluted with debris, the rivers run dry. The sun does not give out its light anymore. There will be two moons seen everyday and this will be the approaching comet that will run into your earth. Everyday the second moon gets brighter as it draws closer. One day it will get so bright it will scorch you. This is not the sun as people think. It is My comet of chastisement. The world will end when you get hit.

This will be because peace is taken from the earth. The serpent will rule and will bring destruction to the universe. My Mother is the Queen of Peace. She crushes the head of the serpent who causes war. When her name is removed from the earth, destruction will befall mankind. Her motherhood was denied and this caused peace to be taken away.

My Mother gave a vision to the children of Fatima what hell looks like and yet you ignored Me. You have brought this on yourselves. You must be careful to follow all I tell you or else you will hurt yourselves in following My enemy who does not love you. I alone love you. I alone created you. I alone sacrificed for you and yet you reject Me.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.


Trinidad and Tobago - Your 1st Chastisement

24th April, 2018.

My child, write. The chastisement (earthquake) will come. Your country will be left barren ad many will die. You are to come to the aid of those who will perish with your prayers.

Write the vision I showed you:

Brick walls will crumble to the floor, you will be left barren as in Haiti. You did not show love to Me and this is My punishment for your sins.

The horizon will be clear, for nothing will obstruct its view, you will only see a shadow of what used to be. You will not find place for shelter as most will crumble to the floor. People will walk the streets looking for a place to stay when the night comes. You will hide in shadows of the walls that remain standing. People will roam the streets in search of food but all will be destroyed. Whatever food they find will be divided among the lot which will not satisfy your needs. Debris will pollute the streets and you will have no space to walk. You would have to be careful you hurt yourself in stepping over wood and stones.

This is what your sins against Me will cause.

I will punish you for embracing My enemy and deserting Me. You did not want to sacrifice to me, you did not desire Me and yet I created you. You have not listened to all I’ve told you as written in My Word:

Matthew 22:34-40

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” This is the first and greatest commandment and the second is like it, “Love your neighbour as yourself”

You were to bring your first fruits to Me, which is your love and sacrifices. You did not do this. You did not understand the meaning of sacrifice, you were to deny yourselves and come to your neighbour’s aid in caring for his needs. Instead you cared about yours.

How comfortable and happy I, the true and living God can make you. You wished to use Me to satisfy your needs which turned you away from My Sacred Heart. You no longer knew how to love Me.

No part of the island will escape My hand of fury. No matter where you turn, trees will be uprooted and buildings will crumble to the floor. The living will walk amongst the dead whose bodies will be piled in layers. Blood will litter the streets in the wake of the quake. You’ll be frightened at the terror you see. People will die from explosions in the gas stations, the flames will soar high to the sky, a mile wide. This is what you have earned by your sins. You will never recover from My Hand of Justice for another will await you a few years ahead. This is when the water will soar high to the sky and sink you below the sea. No one will survive and it will be the end of a nation called Trinidad and Tobago. 

You must return to Me and not delay your conversion. You must abandon your detestable practices which will bring this chastisement. My ONE TRUE HOLY CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH instituted by Me through St. Peter must return to Me through My Mother. You must abandon the Charismatic way which is the devil’s infiltration in My Church. This way (Charismatic way) speaks of prosperity when I speak of persecution. As I was persecuted so will My followers be as you are not greater than I. You will always be persecuted for My sake. I have always preached this in My Word.

Buildings will sway from one horizon to the next, no one will have anywhere to flee to, for all places will be under threat. If you are in the streets your safety is not guaranteed here. The ground will crack and swallow you. Cars will pile high on one another as the shifting of the earth will fling them in the air. This is what awaits you. Your prayers will not save you, you will call My name but My fury will extinguish your prayers like a gush of wind. You must call My Mother during the quake, she will shelter you. Those who believe in her and have been her faithful clients will survive. I exhort you return to her. Their names will be written in My Heart, never to be blotted out.

You have been deceived by My enemy. I desire this message be propagated through My Church. You must repent of your sins and remember the message given to My Mother at Fatima. This is the way you must follow. You must return to she who will crush the serpent’s head and implore Me for mercy for your souls. My Mother is the Queen of humanity and your island has denied her motherhood for doctrines of devils (Charismatic).

1 Timothy 4

“During the last times, some will desert the faith and pay attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines that come from devils”

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.


Trinidad and Tobago - Your island buried under the sea

22nd April, 2018.

My child, write the vision I showed you:

Water gushing forth in the streets with the fury of a wind.

This is what awaits your island during the days of My Justice. No one will escape the plunder when the sea engulfs your land. It will be buried under the ocean deep below the sea bed. Bodies will float ashore and your island will be no more.

This will be My hand of justice on a nation that has turned its back on Me. You have despised Me and turned to My enemy for help. He has become your god, you have replaced him with Me.

You’ll run helter skelter and no escape will you find as the waters rise above your land. People will stumble over one another in an attempt to flee, but this too is useless. The waters will be too high. It will be higher than Mt. Everest, the waters will soar in the sky, not even aviation could escape. Birds, animal and wildlife will all disappear, it will be worse than in Noah’s days. People will scream for help but the water will drown your noise out. This is what awaits your island (Trinidad and Tobago) that has forgotten about Me.

You have given yourself over to false gods, in our pride you sought him over Me. Your worship of him (My enemy) brought forth the fruits of violence, corruption, adultery, murder, fornication. This will be washed under the sea.

Sin must be cleansed by Me. No one great or small will escape. Purification comes through sacrifice but you rejected this way I inscribed for you to follow.

In Noah’s days no one believed the things that he said. He preached to a people that were deaf, mute and blind. They did not wish to follow My Commandments given to them. They preferred debauchery than sacrifice to the God of Abraham, which is Me.

You’ve become worse than the people in Noah’s days and you cannot see. In Noah’s days he built an ark to escape My fury. If you wish to do the same you must honour the Blessed Virgin Mary. She’s the Ark of the Covenant, a shelter for mankind. It is she who will implore Me to have mercy on you. She is born and conceived without sin, she’s the Mother of humanity. She’s the one who will crush the serpent’s head, My enemy. And you’ve abandoned her for novelty as spoken in My Word.

It is described that in the last days many will run with itching ears and this is what My children have done when they embraced the false faith (Protestant). It speaks a way foreign to Me.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.


Disaster Warning for Trinidad and Tobago

14th October, 2017

The Heart of the Son of Man grieves because trial is coming to your land. I have not heard a cry of repentance from the people of Trinidad and Tobago. You continue in the same fashion, as though nothing has changed. You see your neighbour in trouble, and don’t think to yourself that maybe you will have the same fate (natural disaster). If you don’t repent, your country will be left barren, for your sins are greater than theirs. The crimes committed by your people are much greater, I am giving you time to put your houses in order. Repent and convert for the Kingdom of God is at hand. The Merciful Arm I’ve given to My Mother. Bring souls to her so that I can save them. Hurry and work hard. The Kingdom of God is at hand.

Go now My child, My face I give to you. Do not delay your conversion.


Disaster Warning for Trinidad and Tobago

17th October, 2017

 Soon I will visit your country (Trinidad) with My chastisement. Your people are detestable, I find no pleasure in them. They do not repent, they draw further away from the truth. They turn on one another like savage beasts. There is little love in your hearts, you slander each other’s reputation and murder the spirit I put in man to dwell. Corruption and lies are eating your people. For a small island your sins are reaching the summit. I cannot bear your sight much longer. A small nation ravaged in despair, lies, murder and corruption plague the land. Voodoo and witchcraft have become your god. What you don’t do plain for people to see, you do in the dark. In the dark you consult the god of evil to destroy one another. A man falls ill and you think nothing of it. This is the way your land has gone. This is before My very eyes, you people are detestable. They have rejected My way and embraced the pagans and called for a holiday (First Peoples holiday). This is not to my liking. They did not ask for a day to honour My Mother (October 13th anniversary of end of Fatima apparitions) but to honour the pagans. You embrace their rituals and call it heritage. Did you not know I sent Columbus to convert you? For there is only one Church on earth, the One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Out of love for you I sent the Spaniards on ships to bring My way to a foreign people but now as the world is in decline you wish to revert to the old. Repent and convert for the Kingdom of God is at hand. Repent I say, for when I come, I come with a heavy hand. Put your houses in order and do not delay your conversion.  

 Go now My child, My peace I give to you. 


Disaster Warning for Trinidad and Tobago

23rd November, 2017

It will be a terrible earthquake, one as has never been felt by your country. You will be terrified and it will seem to last forever. You are not prepared for My hand of Justice. You will mourn the destruction and loss. Placate My anger child, Your prayers and sacrifices can reduce the impact. Cool the heat of My anger with your love. Unite with My Mother and the angels and saints to plead for mercy. My hand will save.  

Pray for those that will die unexpectedly and are not prepared to meet Me. Make reparation for their sins. My hand will save. 

You burn incense to Baal and foreign gods which has aroused My anger. Your priests have become arrogant and they will not listen. They don’t adhere to My Word and have led My flock astray. I cannot rely on them for help for they have rejected Me for their pride. That’s why I’ve come to you, child, for you’ve heard My cry and with outstretched arms you came to My rescue. Love Me and cool the heat of My anger.  

Go now My child, My peace I give to you. 


Message from the Lord God of Hosts

12th October, 2017

 The heavenly bodies are approaching and you are oblivious to this. You believe the lies propagated by those who know the truth. You believe that global warming is the cause of your natural disasters, but this is not so. It is My Hand of Justice for all your mortal sins. You still do not repent! If you continue oblivious to My warnings, I will no longer be able to withhold My Hand. Chastisements as you’ve never seen before will hit your world. The geography of the earth as you know it will change. Nations will disappear under the ocean, mountains will crumble and half the human race will be exterminated. Repent and convert for I come with a heavy hand. My heart is heavy and it is laden with pain. No one comes to My rescue, for you were not thought to love Me or mediate on My Passion. 

 You were thought that most people go to Heaven when this is not so. You were not thought that to love Me is to deny yourself and help Me save souls. Only when you lose your life for My sake can you help in the redemptive work. You were not taught this in your churches. You were taught that I am your redeemer and I forgive sin. But you were not taught to love Me and sacrifice for Me. 

 Go now My child, My heart is heavily laden. I grieve for what awaits you. 


Message from the Lord God of Hosts

22nd October, 2017

My daughter, write. I am saddened at what I see in My Churches, modernism and apostasy! Most of the traditions of My Church have been removed and replaced with falsehood. In the earlier part of the nineteenth (19th) century, women were never allowed to speak in My Temples, now they parade like cattle on My altars. They wear gowns as though they are priests. Some even go so far as to bully My Sacred Servants into having things done “their way.” Such atrocious bahaviour! What happened to the women of your times? What has become of them? I don’t recognize them anymore. They used to be humble and subservient to their husbands, now they vie for executive jobs in the corporate world. They want to be managers and CEOs and prime ministers. This is not how I made the female species. You are to be humble. You must cover your heads in My Temples when you pray for you are the lesser species. I did not make man from woman. I made woman from man. My Mother was always subservient to My step father (St. Joseph) though she was greater than him for she’s the queen of the human race. She was the most humble creature alive. You women, imitate My Mother’s humility. Do you see any of her Gospel readings in My Scriptures? I only used the men of the times, for I wanted mankind to uphold the notion that man is the head, not woman. Ladies, humble yourselves and remove yourselves from the altars, you are not worthy, nor are you appointed. Return to your seats and wear a covering on your heads as demanded by My angels. Read My Holy Scripture of 1 Corinthians, there you will find your appropriate mode of conduct. Dress decently. No pants. Are you a man? Why do you wear trousers in My Courts? This is not My way. I demand recompense for your sins and atrocious behaviour. Return to the former ways and conduct yourselves with decorum. 

I love you, My peace I give to you. 


Message from the Lord God of Hosts

4th October, 2017 (Adoration Chapel)

 Write, daughter. Humanity grieves Me because they know not of My love. They know not My sweetness because they do not partake of the Eucharist. They don’t believe in My Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament. They think it is just bread, as though it is a symbol of Me. And so with no reverence they approach the holy table and consume the Holy of Holies without thought or reverence or respect. For them I am just bread, I don’t give them life and I don’t sustain them. But for the man who consumes Me in love and reverence and respect and with awe in his heart, I give life and sustain him. 

 When you approach the table of the heavenly banquet, you must say to yourself “I am not worthy to receive You, Lord” for you truly aren’t. You are sinners, only I alone am holy and worthy. Not even the saints thought themselves worthy to touch Me or receive Me. So in complete humility, they beat their chest in remorse and approached the heavenly table. That is not so anymore. You no longer revere Me in the Blessed Sacrament, in the Eucharist. Without respect and reverence you approach the most Holy of Holies and dare to receive Me without even so much as a word or a thought on My goodness and how I descended for your sake. You do not love this God, or revere Me. With no respect I am consumed and you chew Me like a biscuit. You bite Me and chew Me and cut Me into a thousand pieces. I go into your dead bodies. Dead because your souls are full of sin. Your souls are black because you do not confess and so to this is what I have to reside in. I tell you, I don’t stay long in black souls. I vanish immediately and for you I am not life. I am nothing at all for you. How can I give you life if for you it is only bread you are consuming? I tell you, no life is given to souls who who consume Me in mortal sin. Your souls are dead and as black as tar. Repent and convert! 

 Seek the confessionals. Attend this wonderful Sacrament I instituted for the cleansing of sin. For truly only a priest can forgive sin. I represent the priest. And when you approach a priest, think not that it is him, but that it is I, for it is Me that you tell sorry. And I alone wash you in My Blood. That is the beauty of the  confessional which you neglect. So with dirty souls you receive My Body. The Sacrament is there for you to wash yourselves. You must bathe yourselves often for you sin everyday. Everyday it is necessary for a man to repent and say, “Father, please forgive Me.” Approach the confessional, for in it is life and the salvation of souls. Repent and convert for the Kingdom of God is at hand. 

Go now My daughter, My peace I give to you. 

Your Saviour, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament 


Urgent message for Catholics to make the Gethsemane hours

12th October, 2017

Message 1 

Gethsemane adores! Gather My flock, the lost tribe of Israel from the four corners of the world and bring them home. Plead the Precious Blood on them, My Precious Blood will protect. The brood of vipers has scattered My sheep, now I must return them back. I go looking for My lost sheep.  

Remnant army! Help Me save My flock. Say your prayers worthily and with love. I answer the prayers of a humble contrite heart. Beg pardon for the pain inflicted on Me, console Me in My grief. Visit Me in the Blessed Sacrament for I wait for you there. Spend time with Me in prayer and love. Meditate on what I suffer and console Me in this time of need. Do not abandon Me in the Blessed Sacrament, I wait for your love. So few love Me in the Blessed Sacrament. When you come, don’t fall asleep in My presence, I detest this. Console Me with your love. Meditate on what I have to endure, the greatest trial My Church will undergo in the history of mankind. These are the days of My trial and crucifixion. Repent and convert! Console and love your God. 

Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane 

Message 2 

The plague advances quietly. Use the remedies which My Mother has prescribed. Do not wait until it reaches your country. It will be too late.  

Message 3 

I am made to carry a heavy cross. I can barely move. Will you help Me? I thirst for souls. Help Me release souls in Purgatory and ask for their assistance on behalf of the human race. 


Urgent - your approaching chastisement and judgement

12th October, 2017

Message 1

Your judgement is coming. Put your houses in order. Make plans to meet Me and prepare your soul thus. Think of the the things I ask you and the sins you committed. If you can’t remember then ask Me and I will show you. Ask for My Mother’s help for your judgement. Do not come alone. Ask for her assistance, she will beg for My mercy and I will grant it. The Merciful Arm I have given to her. Remember these things child and put them into practice. Ask for what grace you need and My Mother will dispense it. Make My Mother your best friend for she will obtain pardon for your sins. Tell the world to entrust themselves to her and take shelter under her mantle.  

Prepare for the Warning Judgement, it will arrive unexpectedly. Humanity will not expect what’s coming, only those who know what to look for. When you see signs in the sky, know that your judgement is soon. Make a good confession and implore My Mother’s help through the rosary. Do not be afraid.  

It will be a terrible experience, very painful. You would have wished yourself out of it but you will not be able to. It will be as though you died and know that those gone past (died) have experienced this. Prepare for judgement by keeping a pure soul. Visit the confessionals often to lessen your pain. Meditate on My Passion as love covers a multitude of sins. My Warning Judgement will arrive to awaken humanity. To awaken a people that have gone astray. Pray, My daughter that people will accept My Hand of Mercy.  

The Precious Blood will save. It will free souls from the slavery of Satan. He will not be able to act and tempt a soul. When the souls is free, then can a soul repent and love. Use the Precious Blood always, a powerful warrior  against Satan and all evil spirits. The Precious Blood Himself will deliver you and set you free. Call on it several times a day to set souls free. Many souls will be set free from bondage through the Blood. 

Go now My child, My peace I give to you. 

Message 2

You are to remove yourself from the vain things of this world. My subjects will have none of this. You are still want for lack of this. You try to fit yourself into the world, as the world wants you. You should not do this. How the worlds thinks is different from how I think. All that matters is pleasing Me and doing My holy will. 

Go now My child, My peace I give to you. 

Message 3

The world will come to Me in judgement, and it will not matter what the crowd did because you will be by yourself. If you sinned as according to the norms and traditions of the world, it will not matter because you will be judged by My laws. Even if one (1) million people committed the same offense because it is the norms of your time, it will not matter. Those one (1) million people will answer for that offense. Take the narrow road because it leads to life and few find it. The broad way is easier but leads to eternal damnation. It doesn’t matter what the world thinks of you. Didn’t the world reject Me and crucify Me? So to it will reject you and crucify you.  

Go now My child, My peace I give to you. 

Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament 


Message from the Lord God of Hosts

26th October, 2017. (Gethsemane hour of prayer)

This is the most arrogant, sinful generation. The advancement in science and technology has made you this way. You’ve become your own god, relying on your own intellect which I’ve given to you, you now use it against Me. You create mass weapons of destruction. Instead of praying for peace, man vies for war. You’ve become ruthless and careless. Your minds are poisoned through technology, TV, music and video games. And you sit in front of these devices for hours like robots. You are brainwashed and you’ve come demoralized. You are told how to dress and how to act and how to think.  

Women are scantily clad. The TV has taught you this through the corrupt music videos and movies. Women spend hours in front of the mirror propping and priming themselves, making sure that are sexually appealing. How can I look at you with next to nothing on? You commit sin before My very eyes. You initiate lust and that’s all the men think about. You’ve lost your modesty. You are no longer decent and your heart has become corrupt. Pride. You proud women. When you come before Me in judgement you’ll have to answer for every body part you revealed that caused men to lust after you. Some even go so far as to augment their bodies. Mortal sin! Repent and convert! Return to the days of old when women wore long dresses and skirts. Now you wear pants with your flesh showing. Your skins are exposed. This generation lies the furthest from My Sacred Heart. You are dead in sin and I cannot reach you. You’ve closed your hearts to love Me and this is because of technology.  

You no longer pray, you entertain yourselves. You think you’re meant to be happy, so you go to movies, you go to parties, you watch TV for hours and you cannot hear My voice. I do not exist for you. Many who attend My Churches do not pray. They go home to their television, internet and other electronic devices. You cannot see or hear Me. 

When you do come to Church, you’re not given a proper teaching about the Commandments. You’re not told of your mortal sins and corrupt nature. You are  fed with more lies into living a comfortable life. You think it is easy to enter My Kingdom, say a few verses of prayer a day and you’re saved. You’ll be surprised to find yourself knocking outside My gates and no-one will open. You’ll weep and gnash your teeth. Oh sinful generation! You do not love Me. You love yourselves and your comfortable lives. 

Go now My child, My peace I give to you. 


Message from the Lord God of Hosts

6th October, 2017. (Gethsemane hour)

 Write, daughter. The devil wishes to destroy My Church for in it is life. The One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church for there is only one on your earth, only one I instituted through St. Peter. Thus the devil eyed with envy and determined to gather My flock and scatter My sheep. This he will do by destroying the Sacraments. You must pray for the Church, for the triumph of it through My Mother, thus the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph. Cover innocent Catholics who will be prey to the schism with My Blood so I can protect them. If not I will lose them. Call My Mother to gather the lost sheep of Israel, she will take them under her mantle and lead them safely to Me. 

 Pray for your country for it will weep and shed blood. So as your land shed the blood of innocents so will you reap. For your land has committed heinous crimes, consulting the enemy through witches and warlocks. You people have a different god, and you Catholics have fallen asleep in prayer. You have left My Eucharist for novelty in a way I did not prepare. You clap and sing and dance and this way I didn’t approve. You Catholics have left the narrow way and took the broad way away from My Church. For truly there is only life in the Sacraments and in no other. Return to the old order I say! The order of the Latin Rite. You have left Me for a way I did not prepare and chosen another. You clap and sing and dance in My Church and make a mockery of My sacrifice! Why do you do this? In My Church you are to kneel and bow your heads. Instead you clap and sing and dance. Repent I say and return to the old order! For this is not Me. You’ve weakened My Church by bringing novelty. You say it is inspired by My Holy Spirit, a renewal you say! You gather in groups for your renewed way, but I solemnly tell you this is man’s way and not God’s. You have followed the Pentecostal way and brought it in My Church. Why have you prostituted yourselves? Return to the old order for you do not know with what you play! You take a dangerous road and call it renewal of the Church. Apostasy and pride! So you blind guides lead one another in prayer where I am not amongst you. You feel I am there but I am not. I disappear, for it is not the way I prepared. Return to the old order for this not not My way. Return to the old order! Return to the old order! 

Your Saviour Jesus 


Pope Francis

2nd May, 2018.

My child, write My Message to the world. You must tell them I love them and I am coming soon. I am coming with a heavy hand for I come with My Justice. You have depised Me and set Me aside for My enemy. I weep bitterly for the love of My children and yet you have abandoned Me.

The world has already gone astray from Me, embracing the doctrines of My enemy. You have thrown out My Ten Commandments and replaced it with your own. You will soon see how heavy My heart is and the pain you have caused Me.

You will witness untold suffering as the earth convulses in pain. It is the pain which I endure for your love. You have abandoned Me and forsaken My laws.

You prefer the sins which My enemy has enticed you with by placing them in a dish as a delicate meal. You have embraced the sins of abortion, murder, sodomy, fornication and you live in licentiousness. These sins have spread throughout the world and is present in every country. My Sacred Heart cannot bear the weight of your sins any longer.

You must return to the old order. The order of the Latin Mass. This is the Mass I instituted through St. Peter. I sent My Mother to warn the children in Fatima that Satan would enter the Church. I gave the secret to the children of Fatima yet it remained hidden. I warned that if you do not listen to the things I tell you to do the world will witness a worse fate. My Mother showed them the fires of hell where many souls go for disobeying Me and yet you refuse to hear My Word.

Your world is on the decline and you will witness a destruction as never before. My enemy has captured the highest seat in Rome and he will present false doctrines for you to consume. You will devour them thinking you are pleasing Me and it is an innovation I have approved. You will be fooled into following doctrines of the Evil One which will poison your souls. Your souls will become possessed with the devils and you will live far from My Sacred Heart, for he means to abolish My Sacraments and to feed you with lies. Millions of Catholics will be lost for embracing the false doctrines of the Schismatic Church.

You must flee My children for the one who sits on the throne (Pope Francis) is not Mine. He works in collusion with My enemy, the Antichrist. You must not believe the lies he says. You must close your ears and close your eyes for his words will poison your soul and lead you astray into the fires of hell. Run, My children and flee, return to the old Mass, the One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and stay true to My Heart.

When you hear the words of the Mass change you must leave. You must not attend this mass for this will be the Evil One’s mass in mockery of Me. You will be worshipping Satan and not Me. You must hide and flee for the Antichrist means to capture you. He will behead you to denounce My Name. He will force you to receive his mark 666. These are the RFID chips you use today. You must not do this, you must flee and hide. Stay true to My Name and do not denounce Me for those who do and receive this mark will be lost.

You must suffer for Me as I have suffered for you. You must be persecuted for Me as I was persecuted for you, for you are not greater than I. As I have done, so must you do too. Remember these words of love I caution you with and you will find Me. If you are persecuted for My sake then you will enjoy happiness with Me in paradise.

I bless you My children and I warn you of what is to come.

Remain in My peace.


Pope Francis

21st November, 2018.

You must not be afraid to write child, even if you doubt My Word. 

My child, write. If XXXXX has to tell the priests anything it is this and this only. A wicked council has convened and Pope Francis is not Mine. He has given himself over to the Evil One and works in collusion with the Antichrist. My true vicar Pope Benedict was ousted from his seat. A schism will tear apart the holy tunic of My Church and priests will be martyred and persecuted. If you (priests) allow divorced remarried to receive Communion, then hell awaits you. If you teach anything other than My Ten Commandments, then Hell awaits you. If you accept the new changes in the Mass to come where the words of the consecration are rewritten, then hell awaits you. This was the Third Secret of Fatima which was hidden. 

Go now My child, My peace I give to you. 


Message from the Lord God of Hosts

27th November, 2018.

My child write. Do not complain of the sufferings I send you and do not worry that you are getting nothing done. All is in accordance with My holy will. Continue to sacrifice yourself and do your penance. Your prayers are helping Me save souls.  

I cannot withhold My wrath much longer. Your pride is too much to bear and the Catholics have not come to My rescue. How did you honour Me on My feast? You clean the Church and you host talks. But did you pray to Me? Did you love Me? What is love? Not being with the object of your affection? My sanctuaries remained closed on My feast day. You did not think to yourselves that maybe on this day I should spend some time with Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. You have set times when you come to visit. You have visiting hours as though I’m a prisoner in jail you have to visit with visiting hours. Is that the love you show a king? What was more preposterous was your exorbitant shopping on that day. Don’t you fear Me you people? What am I to you, a figment of the imagination? 

You come to My sanctuaries and you do not pray to Me. You only read books and fall asleep in My presence. Is that why you come to visit Me? Please, I am so lonely, you barely even say a word to Me. Why don’t you pray and talk to Me? 

I’m tired of this world, child, I’m sorry I made it. I will destroy it with fire. Only My faithful will join Me in the new era of peace, only those who love Me.  

You are plunged deeply in sin. Many of you are married and think you uphold decent lives and have good morals, but you come to receive Me in mortal sin. You use contraception and many of you have tied the tubes. Repent and convert for the Kingdom of God is at hand. 

Question: Master, will you cool your anger against my country? 

Response: Only if the rosaries are said.