Messages 2018

Visions of Purgatory and Hell

Nights of 3rd and 4th March

Record what you see. You did not go to hell, you visited Purgatory, the Middle and Lower levels of Purgatory. Record all that you see.

Did you notice the woman in a burnt cell behind bars writhing in pain as worms and snakes ate her body? She was a rotten thief and a liar. She died a sudden death and repented on the last but she is in Lower Purgatory. Someone on earth interceded for her while she was alive. Although she died a sudden death, she was saved by My Mercy.

Did you notice a naked woman with long hair like a spider’s nest? Her body was deformed, it looked like a gorilla. A demon dragged her naked body over some rocks and he also beat her. It was dark, as though it was night. You felt sad and lonely. This woman exposed herself and flaunted her sexuality for material gain. She is in Purgatory as someone interceded for her.

Record what you see. Did you notice a few priests each in a wet cold dark cave with a gown on? They had chains tied to them to both wrists and both legs. They cannot move. One of them was given a bible to read. He must read this bible while sitting in a cold wet cave. This is his purgatory for distorting My Word and not speaking the truth. He is starving, cold and wet. He starved My people of the Word of God and now he starves of hunger. He is cold and wet because he had no fervor for Me, he was cold of heart. He is in Purgatory because someone interceded for him. These people are sad and lonely and are forgotten by their family. They feel cold and abandoned.

Record what you see. Did you remember a woman in a burnt cell with a demon tormenting her as she tried to read the bible? The demon will hurl insults at her and choke her and abuse her and bang her head against the cell wall. This is the one ___________ who deceived My Church. As she wounded Me, thus so she is wounded by the demon she was deceived by. She will not benefit from some of the masses. She must make retribution to My Justice.

Record what you see. Did you notice souls being flung into Lower Purgatory while demons will gather them and jump through a hole? The demons are taking these people to hell and to the last stages of Purgatory to torture them. These are where poor souls go who do not repent in time to make reparation for their sins. ________ and _______ will be one of these. They will be flung into Lower Purgatory and the demons will drag them to their place of torture. _______ will not benefit from some of the masses.

Record what you see. Did you notice a train load of people with old clothing and suitcases? It was a grey ashy area and they wander with nowhere to go. They feel sad and lonely and abandoned. They do not feel My Love. They have been forgotten by their loved ones and they feel they have been forgotten by Me. These are the souls in Purgatory that no one intercedes for.

Record what you see. You saw a woman behind bars in a burnt cell. The floor of the cell had charcoal. She was strung mid-air by a chain and was left hanging. She was naked. You saw a demon spearing a rake at her vagina. This woman committed adultery and repented of her sin but did not make reparation. This is her purgatory.

Record what you see. Did you notice a black burnt body with bulging eyes? As though the eyes were the only thing left and all the flesh was burnt? This was a false prophet (a pastor). He was swimming in a lake of fire.

That man is in hell. He is already condemned. I gave you a vision of him who is in hell.

Did you notice other people floating and consumed by a raging fire so high and so hot? It is about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. These are the souls of gay people. If you intercede for them, this is how they will spend their purgatory if they do not repent now. If they have a last minute conversion, this is how they will spend their purgatory.

My child in your vision of hell, do not forget to record what you saw of two demons in conference. They turned into black birds as huge as a human and flew into the sky. These black birds are the evil spirits associated with ______ and ______. When they fly into the sky it is because these two priests have summoned them through prayer (Charismatic tongues). They are not aware that they are being controlled by evil spirits.

My child, write. If you commit mortal sin and repent of your sins but do not make retribution to My Justice, you’ll suffer the pains of hell in Purgatory. You’ll even be tortured by the demons, but one day you would be freed and enter Heaven.

Go now My child, My peace I give you.

I gave you a vision of where poor souls go when they don’t make reparation for their sins. My child, I now wish to stress the importance of doing penance. If you do not do penance, you’ll suffer the same as these people suffer in Purgatory.

Go now My child, My peace I give you.

Offer masses for these poor souls in Purgatory. There are multitudes who are forgotten in this prison.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

26th March, 2018

My child, write. My favoured servant, you must come to My rescue. It is for My poor Eucharistic Ministers who abuse and lacerate My body. They are all in mortal sin as it is not sanctioned by the Father.

No human creature is allowed to touch Me in the hands, only those blessed by My Priests. Only My priestly servants are allowed to touch Me for only their hands are clean. You are only allowed to receive Me on the tongue. If you do not adhere to My Word, it will not go well with you at judgement.

I exhort you now My beloved servant to defend Me as much as you can from this sin of sacrilege and spread this message to the world.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

26th March, 2018

My child, write. Your country has been given over to the Evil One and it is being punished for its sins. And this is the cause of the upset of the Cathedral. I’m not pleased with the members of the Church in your island thus, I allowed the demons to plunder the Sanctuary. This is a sign from Heaven that you’ve gone astray and no longer follow the precepts instituted by My true Church. You’ve given yourselves over to the doctrine of demons and you invite evil in the land, thus as your punishement your Cathedral was damaged to show the world Heaven’s dipleasure with the way you’ve gone. You Charismatics pollute My Church and you invite demons in your home. You Charismatics are not pleasing to Me and I do not consider you Mine, thus I show you a sign in the way your Cathedral was invaded.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

28th March, 2018

My child, write. The celebration of La Divina Pastora of My Mother’s feast is not pleasing to Me. You shall have no concecration on that day and make no special request of Me. My child, this feast in your country was not instituted by Me but it was commissioned by the pagans, the Hindus. I do not appreciate the mixing of Christian traditions with Hinduism. They have My Mother’s statue on a myrtle, the same as the Hindus do. They even have the Buddhist statue placed in the Church which should be My Home. You’ve polluted My Mother’s name and expect Me to hear your prayers. I will not be answering any prayers addressed to My Mother named after La Divina Pastora.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

30th March, 2018

My child, record all that you see of the visions of hell.

There was a man tied to the floor with chains. He was held with shackles to his feet and arms, he could not move, he was pinned to his position. He looked emaciated, he had no flesh because his flesh was badly eaten. It was the worms and maggots crawling in and out of his skin that rooted his flesh so. He smelt of burning flesh though there was no fire and that’s because on his way to his destination he passed through a raging flame. There were two demons that tortured him with forks. The forks were pitch black and were made of iron steel. The toughest steel there was in the world and it was not sharp. Had it been sharp it would have penetrated his skin easily. It was blunt, similar to the nails they put in My hands and this was to cause the greatest pain. This is the instrument they tortured him with. They jabbed it into his skin repeatedly and grind it till the flesh came out. When they did this they’d laugh and taunt him and do it again. His rotted flesh would always grown back and the torture would renew itself.

This man is in hell for not knowing Me and loving Me. He never came to My Church and exhorted Me in prayer. He was a rich man My child and had the pleasures of this world. He travelled the world in luxury and ate expensive food. This man is similar to the businessmen of your world. He was highly respected and spoke well on stage, but he did not know My love. He rejected Me for many years. Not even on his bed of death did he implore Me for mercy. His relatives visited him in hospital and wept by his bed. During his final moments when he gasped for breath they held his hand high and bid him farewell. Little did they know that he’s not with Me. He was a respectable man as you can see. He did not commit adultery and cheat on his wife, his only sin was not loving Me. He was a good man with a wife and three kids but he did not know My love. He never implored Me for mercy not even when he was sick. He never believed in hell, he thought it was all a trick.

This is what happens My love when you do not know My Name, you end up in hell where you’re tortured forever. His damnation is forever and it will not stop. Now he wishes to see Me but it is too late. He’s now filled with hate and it’s too late for him to repent. And this is what happens to the world population. My child you asked Me to reveal the secrets of My heart, most of the world do not make it with Me. Ninety five percent (95%) of you are lost in the fires of hell. Just like this man you live decent lives upright lives but you know not of My love.

The others who are in My Church do not make it either as a corrupt spirit has deceived humanity. A spirit of evil pride rules the core of My Church and most of you commit sacrilege while receiving My host. You ask My dear child how many of you there are. My child ninety percent (90%) of those who attend My One True Catholic and Apostolic Church are lost in the fires of hell. You do not adhere to My Word of what is written in My Scriptures. The vast majority communicate with sin on your souls. It is written in My Word that you shall not eat and drink Me in sin for you’ll be eating and drinking your condemnation. This is not preached from the pulpits of My Church, so although you communicate you are neither with Me. You must help Me child, spread the word as far as can be for I’m losing many souls by the millions as you can see. This is all for tonight child, the raging fire you saw are reserved for My priests. I reserve the worst for them as they lead My people astray. This is their place of torture for all eternity.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

You may now write the other visions that you see.

You saw a raging fire as high as the sky, as hot as can be with the worst violent flames. It bears a heat never seen on this earth, the earth’s body couldn’t contain it, the earth will disintegrate and cease to exist if this flame were on its surface. Hell is in the middle of the earth, its entrance is through the ashy volcanoes. When volcanoes erupt more demons are dispersed to torment humanity in the end of the world. This is the end of My creation, your end approaches. The volume of sin is too high for My Sacred Heart. My Wounds pierce Me as never before. You complain of your sufferings and you’ve now start.

You must help Me child to win back My Heart. My eyes are closing, the blood closes it shut, it’s unbearable pain. My head is swollen from the lacerations I’ve got. My pain has never been worse. It is the worse since I died on the cross. My pain is insurmountable.

I look at My Mother who cries tears of blood, it is only her tears which make Me relent. In these your times, the rosary is not enough. You must gather My Mother’s tears and bring them to Me. I exhort you My child to continue this devotion. At the beginning of each Mystery, bring her tears to Me. You must also unite your suffering with Mine on the cross and offer it with the world Masses to My Father. I commission you My child to teach this new way of praying My Mother’s rosary. It is the only thing that can help humanity. Without these sacrifices souls can still be lost, you must make reparation for your sins. These are the end times My child and the Masses grow weaker, thus I commission the rosary be said this way.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.