Messages 2018

Pope Francis

2nd May, 2018

My child, write My Message to the world. You must tell them I love them and I am coming soon. I am coming with a heavy hand for I come with My Justice. You have depised Me and set Me aside for My enemy. I weep bitterly for the love of My children and yet you have abandoned Me.

The world has already gone astray from Me, embracing the doctrines of My enemy. You have thrown out My Ten Commandments and replaced it with your own. You will soon see how heavy My heart is and the pain you have caused Me.

You will witness untold suffering as the earth convulses in pain. It is the pain which I endure for your love. You have abandoned Me and forsaken My laws.

You prefer the sins which My enemy has enticed you with by placing them in a dish as a delicate meal. You have embraced the sins of abortion, murder, sodomy, fornication and you live in licentiousness. These sins have spread throughout the world and is present in every country. My Sacred Heart cannot bear the weight of your sins any longer.

You must return to the old order. The order of the Latin Mass. This is the Mass I instituted through St. Peter. I sent My Mother to warn the children in Fatima that Satan would enter the Church. I gave the secret to the children of Fatima yet it remained hidden. I warned that if you do not listen to the things I tell you to do the world will witness a worse fate. My Mother showed them the fires of hell where many souls go for disobeying Me and yet you refuse to hear My Word.

Your world is on the decline and you will witness a destruction as never before. My enemy has captured the highest seat in Rome and he will present false doctrines for you to consume. You will devour them thinking you are pleasing Me and it is an innovation I have approved. You will be fooled into following doctrines of the Evil One which will poison your souls. Your souls will become possessed with the devils and you will live far from My Sacred Heart, for he means to abolish My Sacraments and to feed you with lies. Millions of Catholics will be lost for embracing the false doctrines of the Schismatic Church.

You must flee My children for the one who sits on the throne (Pope Francis) is not Mine. He works in collusion with My enemy, the Antichrist. You must not believe the lies he says. You must close your ears and close your eyes for his words will poison your soul and lead you astray into the fires of hell. Run, My children and flee, return to the old Mass, the One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and stay true to My Heart.

When you hear the words of the Mass change you must leave. You must not attend this mass for this will be the Evil One’s mass in mockery of Me. You will be worshipping Satan and not Me. You must hide and flee for the Antichrist means to capture you. He will behead you to denounce My Name. He will force you to receive his mark 666. These are the RFID chips you use today. You must not do this, you must flee and hide. Stay true to My Name and do not denounce Me for those who do and receive this mark will be lost.

You must suffer for Me as I have suffered for you. You must be persecuted for Me as I was persecuted for you, for you are not greater than I. As I have done, so must you do too. Remember these words of love I caution you with and you will find Me. If you are persecuted for My sake then you will enjoy happiness with Me in paradise.

I bless you My children and I warn you of what is to come.

Remain in My peace.

Charismatics must abandon their ways

3rd May, 2018

My child, write. The Charismatics must abandon their new prayers and return to the old prayers given to My saints. I instruct them to read the lives of the men and women I have given as examples for you to follow. You must be humble and penitent of heart. Do not exalt yourselves and think you are favoured, that you have been blessed with gifts. You must abandon this way, for these are thoughts of pride influenced by the devil. It is he who make you exalt yourself and lead you to believe you are specially chosen.

Return to your knees and implore Me for mercy. Abandon your ways of worship to Me for I close My ears to the noise that you make. You shall no longer clap and dance in My Church for this is the devil’s way. I implore you My children, it is how he mocks Me on earth in My Church, for it is what they do in hell. The demons torments the damned souls by clapping and dancing at the victory of having won them to torment forever. You must be wise and discern for the doctrine of devils has entered My Church when you embraced the Charismatic way.

Return to the old way of the Latin Rite. Implore Me for mercy for your sins. Attend to My Mother for this is your salvation. It is she who will crush the serpent’s head. Ask for forgiveness for you have all fallen short of the glory of God, you are not worthy. Most of you do not make it to My Kingdom. It is your pride that makes you not repent of your sins when shown at judgement. It is this which has caused most Charismatics to be lost. Your pride which you have acquired from your gifts given to you by My enemy. It is your pride which you have acquired by acknowledging yourself as special. It is the pride you have acquired by refusing to repent and to love because of your gifts. You must abandon this way and flee from the doctrines of devils, for you are not with Me, you are with My enemy.

You must beat your chest for the sins that you have committed that I record. It will be used against you in judgement when I reveal the books. Your numerous sins will outweigh your good works; the sins that you do not confess that you were not sorry for having exalted yourself. Return to the path I have instructed you to walk, it is a narrow path and only few find it. It is one of love and suffering. You must suffer for My sake. You must give oneself daily in love in pursuing Me; not to be lauded in front of others, but hidden so that what is done in secret will be richly rewarded. This is how you are to live.

Repent and convert for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

Freemason Priests, Return to Pre-Vatican II

4th May, 2018.

My child, write. There are many priests who are freemasons in My Church. Tempted by pride and money, the devil lures them in this manner. They wish to fit into society as distinguished gentlemen. They do it for the excitement of the rituals, and this is how the devil keeps them occupied. It is like a married man chasing after a lucrative affair outside the marriage. He is thrilled by the excitement of escaping and not getting caught. Just so it is with the freemasons, they are thrilled by the dirty acts they commit behind closed doors and not getting caught. They think by doing these acts they will get special favours from the devil which I would not give them because of the vows they made. This is what keeps them betraying Me.

They do not think about their salvation, this is far from their thoughts. The devil has fooled them into thinking they are invincible. He lets them feel they have his special protection and that no one can hurt them. They get a thrill out of hurting My children by the vile acts they commit when no one sees, for they are requested by him whom they serve to perform sinister acts : murder, rape, kidnapping, stealing. These are the things they do. But what the devil likes most is when they do cruel things against My Sacred Body. This they must do every time they meet. They perform satanic rituals where they exalt My enemy as God. They pay homage to him as they will never do to Me. They kneel and bow while kissing the ground, that which they will never do in My house, nor will they tell My children to do that.

Some burn My Consecrated Host and drive knives through it. They grind My Consecrated Hosts (My Body) into dust and put it in their food to eat. These are the things they do to torture Me. Others throw My Body repeatedly on the floor and stamp on it saying,

“We hate you, we pledge allegiance to our god. He is our master, not you. You have done nothing for us but he has, he is more powerful than you. He will defeat you!”.

These are the things they do and say, making a mockery of My infinite sacrifice on the cross.

My children must be aware of what takes place in My Church by whom they trust and love. I warn you, there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing who are scattering My flock and carrying them into hell with them. They are in every country throughout the world, but most are hidden in the Vatican. It is here where the horde of evil spirits resides.

My children run and flee for your lives. Return to the former Church before Vatican II. Read the rules and precepts of My Church as it was then. I exhort you children run from Francis and into My Mother’s arms. She will guide you to Me. She is your anchor in rough seas.

These are the things you must do to please Me, as to offer a sacrifice to the Lord God of Hosts.

  • Confess at least once a week for your sins have increased.
  • Kneel to receive Me on the tongue. It is a sacrilege to touch Me on the hands, only My priests can touch Me.
  • Offer My Body for the conversion of sinners and the salvation of souls.
  • Do not bite Me. Swallow Me whole, for My Food is Real Food, and My Host is Real Flesh and Real Blood.
  • Women must cover their heads and not speak on My altars. You are to behave as described in My Scriptures. (1 Corinthians 11:5); ( 1 Corinthians 14:34-35)
  • Men shall not wear short pants nor slippers in My house.

These are the things you must do as I have prescribed.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you. I bless all who read this and put it into practice. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

9th May, 2018.

My child write. It is your sins that condemn you. You must cleanse yourselves in the confessional.

Do not abandon this wonderful Sacrament where the priest who absolves you of your sins represents Me. I am fully united to him during your confession; think not that it is a priest you confess to, but Myself. Your soul looks resplendent after your confession. I forgive you and wash away your sins with My Precious Blood and the cleansing water from My Sacred Side.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

9th May, 2018.

My child, tell My children they are to wear a blessed (exorcised) rosary around their necks. This is your protection against evil in these end of times.

The devil hates the rosary, its very sight causes him to flee. You will be protected against evil by wearing one around your neck.

You must also place a crucifix in every doorway of your homes. This too will repel him as it reminds him of My infinite sacrifice on the cross which defeated him.

You must be attentive for the devil’s time is short, he works feverishly to destroy you. Sprinkle every room in your homes with blessed salt for this burns them. They feel a hot pain when it (blessed salt) touches them and so does holy water. Holy water burns them as does molten lava burns people.

Out of love I warn you to protect yourselves for you live in dangerous times. Many demons have escaped hell and roam amongst you and are in your midst. They incite hatred and anger in My children. Peace is taken from the earth. You must embrace My Mother and return to her for she is the Queen of Peace.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

9th May, 2018.

My child, write. My sacred priests whom I have chosen to guide My flock are instead scattering them. I have lost many souls over the years because My servants (priests) do not preach the truth from the pulpits. My children are falsely led to believe that it is easy to enter My Kingdom but My Scriptures say:

Phillipians 2:12

“You shall work out your salvation in fear and trembling”

This is not what My children hear when they come to Mass. They believe that all is well and that all are saved because I am a God of mercy. You have been deceived for I am also a God of justice. You must pray that I visit you with My mercy and not with My justice.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

9th May, 2018.

 My child write. I must awaken My children before the earthquake that will leave thousands dead. I will warn them with showers. Heavy rain shall pour on the land which will leave some homeless. This is a sign of My displeasure with the people of your country. 

 Go now My child, My peace I give to you. 

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

9th May, 2018.

My child, write. I judge more harshly consecrated souls and priestly souls. They represent Me and they must be set as a light for the world.

Go now my child, My peace I give to you.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

10th May, 2018.

My child, write. No one helps Me child, only about a few. I am alone in the quest for souls. My agony is infinite and so are My tears, as the vast majority of My children join the crowds shouting,

“Crucify him!

Crucify him!”

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

10th May, 2018.

My child, write. The more you pray to Me with love the stronger will your prayers be.

You must love Me above all and pity Me for what I suffer for you. You are to tell Me daily that you love Me and to record your words of love in the book of life.

Your sins can be erased if you confess, but not your words of love. I beg you My children, lavish Me with love and praises for what I have done for you.

Shower Me with your love; your love for Me will bring forth mercy for your souls.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

10th May, 2018.

My child, write. They poison My young priests’ minds in the seminary such that when they are fully initiated in the priesthood, they will be of little use in guiding My flock. They are choking them (seminarians) with lies and are preparing them to become citizens of hell, taking with them the congregation.

These (seminarians) are the ones who will accept the Schismatic Church and run into error. Dry My Mother’s tears and heal the wounds of My Sacred Heart by praying for them daily, that they will be granted wisdom to follow the true path of My Church.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.