Messages 2017

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

15th September, 2017.

Listen, daughter. My Heart is aching and longing for souls. I miss My children and want them home. They do not think about Me or love Me, I am absent in their lives. It breaks My Heart to see how love is discarded. I need My children and I want them. I weep tears for them and I am not consoled until they come home. Help bring them home to Me, daughter. Help Me with saving grace and your loving sacrifice. Unite your sufferings with Me to help bring them home. The

slightest pain or suffering you feel, offer it to Me for the salvation of souls.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

17th September, 2017 (Eucharistic Adoration)

Yes My daughter, write. The Heart of the Son of Man burns with love but they reject Me. They cannot see Me nor hear Me. They are cold and distant from Me. To Me their hearts are as cold as ice and I am just a figment of their imagination, the Lord in the good times. They only call Me to fix their problems, that is only when they remember My love and if I don’t, they curse Me. They cannot hear the voice of their Lord because another is their god and they listen to him. Only My

Warning and Judgement will wake them and for many it will be too late.

Judgement is coming for your land. Prepare as I’ve told you, buy food, get lights and supplies to carry you for one month. Your land will feel My anger when it trembles with a violent force. They will run hither and thither but no consolation will be found. They will feel the weight of My Justice. Your land must repent.

Go now My child, and may the Peace of the Lord, My Peace be with you always.

Your loving Saviour, Jesus.

Message from the Blessed Virgin Mary

17th September, 2017 (Holy Mass)

My daughter, write. The world will burn. Man has not listened to My Son, does not love My Son. He cannot be consoled. He cries tears of blood that falls upon the earth. He traverses the earth and only finds cold hearts and rejection.

Your Mother,

The Blessed Virgin Mary.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

18th September, 2017.

My daughter, write. I save souls through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin and only souls through her do I save.

Those of the other faiths are only saved through her. Thus, she is called Co-Redeemer and the Ark of the Covenant. I want this proclaimed that she is the Ark

of the Covenant. It has been ordained by the Eternal Father that she be the vessel through whom souls are saved. She is the vessel and I am the Saviour.

Those on your earth not of the faith are saved through her as well. When her children intercedes for non-Catholics they are saved. Tell all My children, Mary is the Ark of the Covenant.

It is not in your mind. It is the Lord who speaks and I want souls saved.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

18th September, 2017.

My Justice is reserved for those who did not shepherd My people. Pride has taken over My Church and My people. Pray that they become a humble people. Sin is almost reaching its peak. The Schism will be the final nail in the coffin that will bring My Divine Justice. Pray that My people will be protected from the Schism and My Justice. Warn your priests of what is to come, put it in writing.

Tell them to amend their ways and to shepherd My people. Offer sacrifices for them so that they will return to Me.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

24th September, 2017.

Revelation 12

The woman clothed with the sun, this is My Mother and she is the queen of the 12 tribes of Israel. Write daughter, let Me teach you. The child that was taken straight up to Heaven signifies Myself. I will be leaving this earth when the Schism begins. The woman escaped into the desert where God prepared a place for her to be looked after for 1260 days. This signifies the role of My Mother during the Great Tribulation. She will protect and intercede for her children. My

Mother will be united with My Church, paving and making a way for My children.

She (the Church) is protected by the Father through its Mother, the Virgin. Thus the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Tell all that mankind’s salvation is through My Mother. All who reject My Mother reject Me, all who embrace My Mother embrace Me.

Go in peace My daughter and unite with Us to save souls.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

25th September, 2017.

My daughter, write. I am sad. My return is soon and man does nothing.

Everything goes on as usual. No repentance, no reparation, no I am sorry for the wrong things I have done. They do not care about their salvation. They think they are already saved when they are not. They think because I am a God of love I will forgive their sin and not send them to hell because “I love them” they say.

How can I forgive if you’re not sorry? Don’t you know that you crucify Me just like the soldiers did? Arrgh...sinful man, I cannot bear the stench of your sins. It is too much for My Sacred Heart.

You hurt and wound Me and lacerate Me and you cannot even say Father, I’m sorry, please forgive me. Yet, you expect to dwell in the heavens? I am fed-up of the pride of humanity. You have not listened to Me, but to My adversary and it hurts. Sinful man, you are hurting your God, the one who laid His life for you. Why do you not care? Why can’t you see the pain you are causing the One who bled for love of you?

Go now My child, make reparation for sinful man. Offer Me your sufferings so that I can save souls. I love you.

Your loving Saviour Jesus

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

25th September, 2017. (Eucharistic Adoration)

I cry my daughter. They do not love me. Only cold hearts, as cold as ice. I weep, daughter. Console Me with your love. I find comfort in your love, the warmth of your love keeps the coldness away. Help Me save souls. Unite every suffering you have with mine and offer it to the Father to make reparation for sinners. They will return.

They ignore Me, their hearts are cold and distant from their God. What pain I feel, what loneliness. No one talks to Me, I am not a part of their lives. They do not include Me in their conversations. For the most I don’t exist. What excruciating pain in My Sacred Heart, such terrible and utter loneliness.

Go now My child, My peace I give to you.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

26th September, 2017.

They do not love Me, child, My heart is grieving. Soon the chastisement will befall your land. Hurry and do as I say. The heavenly bodies are approaching. The Book of Revelation in the sky is a sign of the proximity of the events that are about to unfold. Hold fast to your faith, daughter, as night is drawing. The Evil One will reign for a short time but I will have my victory over sin and death. Your land must repent for I find no pleasure in its people. Soon I come to take an account. Put your houses in order. Use the Precious Blood as I’ve told you. During the days of the adversary, the Precious Blood will save souls.

Hurry and write the priests. Tell them to amend their ways. They have led My people astray. Only a few listen to Our voice (Jesus and Mary), only a few can hear their master calling.

Just like Judas, My Sacred Servants betray Me with a kiss for a few pieces of silver.

Go now my child, My peace I give to you.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

27th September, 2017.

My child, write. You saw the heinous and gruesome crimes committed against My Body, no human could withstand. My flesh torn, blood vessels burst. After which, not satisfied, they dragged Me on the floor like an animal , as for sport. Silent I remained which aroused their anger even further. Sighhhh…such pain….. for you…..because I love you! And what do I get in return?

Do they speak of what I suffer? It is never mentioned in the sermons as to the price I paid.

They will rewrite the liturgy. This causes Me the greatest pain. My children feed on My Body for it is real food. My Body and Blood were given up for you. The Church was built on the sacrifice of the lamb….oh what a sacrifice which I endure to this day! It had paved the way to atone for your sins and now you deny it! You no longer want or need it! Pride!!! You will suffer!

Oh humanity, why do you do this? Don’t you see what you have done? The pains of hell await you if you don’t repent. Amend your ways, seek the Lord before He leaves, for when He leaves He will not hear you. If you don’t love Him now, He will not love you then. You would have reaped what you deserve. My seal I put on you to endure. You are My faithful daughter. I mark mine with the seal.

Precious Blood devotees! Marian Army! The battle is about to begin. Gird yourself and get ready for battle. War is about to take place on your earth. Spiritual war. Earth is the battlefield. The greatest fight between the heavenly armies and satanic powers are about to begin.

You humans are the pawns and you will be used by the adversary to inflict pain on one another. Demons roam your earth. Sighhh…..You do not know what awaits you. I worry for you poor creatures. You underestimate the battle.

Go now My child. Find strength in the Eucharist for it is real food.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

27th September, 2017.

You grieve Me child, with your doubts. Do not hurt Me anymore. I have chosen you to do My Will. I love you that’s why I’ve chosen you. You are trying to figure out whether it is I or your mind. I’ve told you on several occasions that it is I, your Lord.

So much pain and they do not even know what is coming. Most are not prepared to meet Me for they have not listened to My warnings. My Mother’s call to conversion at Fatima has not been heeded. The consecration was never done and now destruction awaits humanity. You have listened to the devil, he tempted and enticed you and you fell for all his tricks. My way is a desert way but it leads to eternal joy and happiness. My way is a humble way, but you human creatures do not understand this. You do things to be seen and heard, but not by your God, you do them to be seen by one another. You display your deeds like the pharisees of old. But I tell you, everything hidden will come to light. The sheep I separate from the goats. For the goats, like the devil, despise Me and find no joy in the desert way.

You will be stripped. You will have nothing. All your gods will be removed. The place will be desert and barren and I will close My ears to your cries. You did not hear Me when I wept for you. You could not see so in the same way I will not see your tears. Those in hell gnash their teeth and weep whole day but I will not answer them. They are lost forever and will never have the taste of My beautiful love again. You will miss Me when I’m gone. You did not attend to Me like the widow and dressed Me with oil and kissed My feet. You did not worship Me and adore Me your God and Saviour.

Go now my child, My peace I give to you.

Message from the Lord God of Hosts

28th September, 2017. (Eucharistic Adoration)

My daughter, write. Events are about to unfold and they say nothing because they do not know, daughter. You have to warn them. My beloved priests are in great danger unbeknownst to them. They will fall for the traps laid for them because they trust him, the Pope. He is not from Me. He is My son but he has given over his life to the Evil One. He will suffer. His reign is not long, soon he departs to make way for the son of perdition. The Antichrist will rule the world

with his charm. He will captivate the hearts of men and destroy them. They will believe in him, just like the seductive lure of a woman. As she beckons and calls for you, you are enticed by her beauty, so it is with the Antichrist. You will fall for his handsome face and his charming ways but in the core is utter hatred and evil. Careful daughter, that you don’t think it is Me! So seductive will he be.

I weep. I tremor with pain at what I see. It is too much to bear. I grieve, the whole of Heaven sees My pain. My Mother shares My grief with Me and we console one another. We are your parents and you reject us for filth, evil, lies, sin, wickedness. You reject us for all that is evil and ugly. If you knew the ugliness of him you will flee and run straight into my arms. But like the seductive woman, he hides and presents temptation to you to entice you. You are too weak, you human creatures, to resist the temptation of the devil. You partake and give of the flesh. This same flesh rots in hell, but on earth it is the loveliest to you men of earth. Sigh.....

You do not pray and thus you leave yourself open for the Evil One. Pray people, pray! Your doom is approaching from the heavens. You ignore and turn a blind eye, but your end is approaching, sinful generation. I love you, I weep tears over you, and still you don’t care. I alone love you, poor creatures, for I am your God and you were made in My image and likeness, after My Own Self. That’s how much I considered you and thought of you. I left Heaven to come to earth to

 suffer for you, born of a Virgin through the Holy Spirit. She, I specially prepared. From before time she was chosen. I knew her and loved her before I sent the angel Gabriel. She has always been the one I loved, and the one who has loved Me, thus, I will not tell her no! Love cannot deny love and since she who is love that carried Me in her womb, I will not deny her her children. Whomever she asks for, it pleases Me to give eternal life. Not one of her children have I denied life.

And so daughter take to this beautiful flower as much souls as possible, for through her is life. Life came into the world through this woman and eternal happiness in the other world will also be through this woman.

Go now, My daughter. May My peace come down and remain with you always. I love you.

Saviour of the World,